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Seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are full of beautiful, strong, admirable women with diverse personalities. If you want to be friends with some of them, you’re not alone – I totally hear you on that!

So if you need a compliment today, let me help: Here’s the one you’re most like, based on your zodiac sign and personality traits. Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Aquarius signs, you give off major Kaitlyn Bristowe energy. You’re loving, kind, and want to help others feel better. Remember that scene where Kaitlyn comforts Katie Thurston in the bathroom when she’s going through significant heartbreak and wants to leave the show? Yep, you’d probably respond the same way as Kaitlyn did!


Empathetic, intuitive, and wise, you’re just like Serena Pitt, Pisces signs. We’ll never forget when Joe told Serena that his ex Kendall was back – right before the proposals! – and Serena asked him if he was OK. How sweet is that!?


You embody Rachel Lindsay, Aries signs. You’re bold, honest, and passionate. We’ll always admire how Rachel stood up for racial justice and was committed to making change — and we admire how you’re dedicated to important causes, too!


Taurus signs, you’re a lot like Susie Evans. You appreciate a sense of stability in which you want trustworthy, loyal, supportive partners. You’re also devoted to others and plan on settling down and enjoying quality time with loved ones.


Spontaneous and empathetic, you give off Rachel Recchia vibes, Geminis. You’re a personable, hopeful romantic we’d like to be around more often!


Cancers, you’re just like Kelsey Weier. Some of your greatest strengths are qualities you may be called out for or made fun of, such as sensitivity, compassion, and self-protection. Having intense emotions can be challenging, but it’s a blessing, too!


We think of Demi Burnett when we think of you, Leos. You’re the stars of the show! As leaders with hilarious one-liners, you make life more enjoyable. You love attention — and there’s nothing wrong with that! — and other people, deeply.


Virgo signs are the Natasha Parkers of the world. You’re reliable, supportive, intelligent, and gentle. Natasha handled the whole Brendan-and-Pieper situation on “Bachelor in Paradise” with grace and strength.


Fair, compassionate, receptive, and responsible, you’re like Michelle Young, Libras. When drama between the men arose during her season, Michelle did a great job hearing everyone’s point of view and handling the issue accordingly.


As a Scorpio, Katie Thurston is passionate, bold, and honest. She doesn’t care what other people think, and she does what she knows is right (like standing up to bullies).


Sagittarius signs, you remind us of Maurissa Gunn. You’re passionate, curious, and lively. You’re not afraid of a bit of adventure (remember when Maurissa made up a game where she and Riley licked whipped cream off of each other?).


Capricorns, you are none other than Tayshia Adams. You’re both hardworking, practical, and tenacious. You know what you want, are honest with yourself, treat others well, and have found success.

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