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You probably already know dating a Scorpio man can be intense. As a Scorpio woman, I have no problem saying this. Scorpios are spicy, passionate, and loyal, but they’re also jealous and not always upfront about their emotions.

But what we really need to talk about is dating a Virgo man. I’ve been with a few Virgo men in the past. Here are some common threads.

He’s intelligent and hardworking

Virgos are known for being analytical perfectionists. These traits can be impressive in a relationship, especially if you find intelligence hot *raises hand.*

And I won’t say all Virgo men are like this, but the couple I've been with were intermittently hardworking with romantic relationships. In other words, they tried hard sometimes, and they ignored me other times. They were into academic and career commitment, but not relationship commitment.

He’s kind and gentle

Another aspect of Virgos that stands out is their compassionate nature. They’re passionate about consent during sex. They’re thoughtful and want to help you achieve your goals. They’ll compliment you and show their interest in you.

A Virgo man can easily swoop you in and make you feel good about yourself. He’ll notice small details about you that others may not. (Anyone else swooning right now?)

He’s self-critical

As a smart and hardworking sign, a Virgo man is often hard on himself. He expects himself to always be his best — and he may expect the same from others, too.

You’ll want to support him when you notice he’s being critical of himself. Remind him of how great he is. He’ll appreciate it more than you know.

He’s not quick to admit he’s wrong

When you’re arguing with a Virgo man, he won’t back down — at least at the start. He stands firm in himself and doesn’t like to admit fault. While no one likes getting criticized, remember to communicate your concerns if it creates problems in your relationship.

He’s practical and analytical

A Virgo man is careful with things like work, school, money, and relationships. He focuses more on logic than his emotions (at least from the outside).

This can be good sometimes — you probably won’t see him overspending his money or throwing caution to the wind — but he might not consistently talk about his true feelings. If you need him to more often, let him know!

He fears commitment

As mentioned previously, Virgos don’t like unpredictability; they prefer being in control. They like logic and reason; they rely on themselves. As a result, they’re not the quickest to jump into a serious relationship. They’re more likely to be fickle and fussy about their exact needs. To avoid commitment and too many feelings, they may send “dry texts,” AKA short responses that don’t further the conversation.

If you see these signs in your Virgo man, be gentle and understanding with him. You’ll be over-the-moon happy once you can make it work.

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