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Ok, so even if you’re not totally into the whole Zodiac thing, you can’t ignore the toxic similarities your two Leo exes have with each other, right? And, even if you don’t want to admit it, you can’t overlook the fact that your own traits are right on point with your sign.

Astrology buffs everywhere argue that even though science has not officially proven the accuracy of the Zodiac, there is a strong correlation between the stars and our personalities and behavior.

No matter who you are and what your stance is, knowing the toxic traits of all the signs might help you prepare for the worst in the dating game. None of us like to be taken by surprise, so here are the worst of the worst qualities for all of the signs. Get ready to recognize some red flags!


Aries always get a bad rep, and for good reason. In relationships of all kinds, Aries tend to be immature, domineering, and insensitive.

Aries are total narcissists, which makes them struggle with empathy and act selfishly towards friends and lovers. Oftentimes, an Aries won’t care what they are giving in a relationship, only what they are getting. They hold strong opinions and might tell you what to do, even if it’s something that doesn’t affect them directly.

Beware, even if you hold a mirror up to an Aries, they will see what they want to see. There is no swaying them.


Oh, the Taurus...This is a sign that is known for being stubborn. Not only that, but they are also lazy and materialistic.

A Taurus will hold onto an opinion like fact until their last breath. Their way is the "right" way. If you are dating a Taurus, never expect to win an argument. It just won’t happen.

Taurus signs also love to be lazy. They have hopes and dreams that rarely get accomplished. If you are a good motivator, you might be a perfect match for a Taurus, as they need you to get things done. However, if you do fall for this sign, be prepared to use gifts as your main love language. They obsess over diamonds, brand names, and everything fancy.


If you know anything about the Zodiac, you know that Geminis are known for being two-faced. Being two-faced also makes them inconsistent, which leads to commitment issues. Basically, it’s hard to know where exactly you stand when you’re dating a Gemini woman or a man.

On top of that horrible trait, Geminis are also really superficial. They put a lot of emphasis on looks and image when making decisions on who to date. So, if you’re looking to score with this sign, you better bring your A-game when it comes to style.


Cancer is a water sign, which makes them super emotional. Emotions can be a great gateway to get to know someone; however, Cancer’s emotions often contain a lot of moodiness and pessimism.

Most Cancers love to drown themselves in their pool of feelings. They love to talk about the past and get nostalgic. This leads to feelings of melancholy, which can be harmful to a new relationship.

Cancers also tend to hold grudges, so if you’re dating this sign, try not to screw up. They’ll never let you forget it.


The fire sign Leo is...well...fiery! They are the egomaniacs of the Zodiac. After dating one, you will surely not forget it.

This self-centered sign is also possessive. Don’t be surprised if your new Leo lover gets angry with you for talking with another person at a party, getting attention from someone else (even if you are not engaging in it), or wearing something they deem inappropriate. Leos want you all to themselves and they will manipulate you so that they have all the control.

Leos are also really impatient, which can be a total pain on a daily basis. Whether you’re driving, getting ready to go out, cooking, or teaching them how to do something, Leos, without a doubt, will rush your process.


Virgos are the prudes of the Zodiac. They are known for being conservative, which leads to judgmental tendencies. If they find you too crass, inappropriate, or loud, they will quickly say ‘goodbye’.

Virgos are also very fussy. They like things a certain way and if you can’t meet their standards, they will lose interest and move on. Everything with a Virgo must be just right, so there is a lot of pressure being in a relationship with this sign.


Libras, as both friends and lovers, are unreliable. Their indecisive manner is purely selfish, as they rarely consider another person’s feelings. However, their inability to decide on a lover often comes off as being detached, which is another trait no one wants to deal with.

Aside from that, Libras are also superficial and materialistic. They love being wined and dined, but often won’t do the same for others. They want constant attention and words of affirmation from those around them, even if they don’t feel the same way about the person.


Scorpios are the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, which is largely due to their air of mystery. Scorpios are very secretive, which can draw people in during the beginning of a relationship. However, having a lover who is always secretive and has a hard time communicating can be a challenge over time.

This sign is also well-known for being jealous. They probably won’t tell you they are feeling jealous, but they will definitely show you by acts of manipulation, through which they will make you feel like you're the person in the wrong.

Seriously, if you’re with a Scorpio, you’ve got your work set out for you.


Sagittarius is usually a pretty scatterbrained sign. They are constantly jumping from one idea or one person to another and their affection is completely inconsistent. One day they may beg to hang out with you and shower you with love, and the next, they may ignore all your texts. This sign is truly a WILD card.

The worst part is, Sagittarius knows they are like this and do not care. They have no consideration for how they are treating others, as long as they are getting what they want and need at that moment. They do not think ahead into the future.

Also, because they are all about the present, they are super impatient. They want what they want RIGHT NOW and if they don’t get that instant gratification from you, they’ll show you the door.


Capricorns are all business all the time. Romantic endeavors can often get turned into work commitments with a strict contract. Capricorns want relationships that will help them to grow and learn, which can be a lot of pressure on some of the other, less elite, signs.

This sign also has a tendency to be a bit stubborn as they think they are always right. They also can be pessimistic or, as they would say, "realistic," when it comes to love and the future.


Aquarius is a water sign, which means individuals with this sign ride on their own wave of emotions. This makes Aquarius one of the most unpredictable signs. An Aquarius doesn’t know what they'll feel one minute to the next, so there’s no way their lover will be able to accurately predict that either.

This sign often comes off as aloof. Their cool and indifferent attitude makes it hard for them to attract mates. Seriously, who wants a partner who seems to be in their own world at all times? If you date an Aquarius, be prepared to give them some major space and alone time.


Pisces, like most water signs, are sensitive. Pisces are overly-emotional and often have a hard time relating to others because they feel everything at such a high level.

This sign is also very idealistic when it comes to love. They expect fairytale romance at all times. Having high standards isn’t a bad thing, but Pisces will cry, pout, and make you feel awful for not going above and beyond every single time.

Even though they want you to go out of your way for them, they often won’t do the same for you. They are lazy and are more concerned with how they feel rather than what they do.

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