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Scorpios get a lot of shit, but when it comes to the dating scene, they know how it’s done. Passion, energy, love, charisma, lust... it’s all there and on fire. So why not spice up your dating life with some Scorpio-esque dates? These will keep you warm (read: hot) during the cold months and help you feel love more than ever before.

Try something new in bed

Scorpio season is a great time to hit the sheets and maybe even get a little kinky. Do all the usual sexy things — foreplay, a sensual playlist, dimmed lighting — but don’t be afraid to try something you two have always wanted to do! Add in some lotion. Experiment with BDSM. Get into the Halloween spirit with some costumes or role-play.

Watch a suspenseful movie

Scorpios live for the thrill, so a suspense or mystery movie is perfect for a cozy night in. Any Halloween movie is great, or you can always go with one of the classics, like “The Shining” or “The Exorcist.” Just don’t forget the buttery popcorn and chocolate!

Rent an Airbnb with a hot tub

Tired of the cold weather? Enjoy a staycation in an Airbnb nearby that has a hot tub! This is (obviously) a surefire way you and your boo can get steamy.

Hit up a new bar

Combine two things a Scorpio loves: a tasty yet alcoholic drink and a recently opened place in town. Find a new bar in your area to try adventurous drinks. Bonus points if you order something with Fireball!

Get dinner at a romantic restaurant

A big no-no during Scorpio season is eating at a boring, chain restaurant. Instead, find a romantic place with some combination of fairy lights, outdoor seating, pasta, and/or expensive options. You can also pair this date idea with the one above, such as a new bar or movie!

See a drag show

Drag queens and Scorpios have a lot in common: passion, mysteriousness, talent, ability to put on a show, you get the point. So why not see a drag show (or even watch a few episodes of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in bed)? This is a great way to embrace this astrological season.

Watch true-crime documentaries on the couch

Crime? Horror? Cults? Mystery? A search for truth? These all fit a Scorpio’s interests quite well. Pick a true-crime documentary, or docuseries, or even some YouTube videos to watch together on the couch. If you get scared, just cuddle closer under your fleece blanket!

Express your love with mason jar notes

While Scorpios definitely appreciate extravagance, they’re generally all about love and passion. For a simple, inexpensive date idea, tell your partner what you love about them specifically. You can even write around 30 things you love about them on scraps of paper, then put them in a mason jar. Your partner can then pick one out on each day of the Scorpio season. How cute is that!?

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