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Have you ever noticed that you’re incredibly horny during certain times of the month? You’re not alone!

The lunar cycle affects your libido, just like how it affects the tides. If you were to track your hormones and moods in accordance to the moon phases, chances are you’d begin to notice a pattern.

The moon influences sensuality, joy, creativity, and pleasure, which fuel our sexual desires and fantasies. In fact, there are some parts of the moon’s cycle that can help ensure a stronger connection to your partner, more adventurous dates, or better post-sex cuddle sessions.

Here’s how the phases of the moon can help you have the best sex of your life.

New Moon

The beautiful new moon, which leaves an empty space in the sky, is known to manifest energy related to adventure. This is the time to get creative with your partner or by yourself. Bring up a hidden sexual fantasy to your partner or try a new toy. This is your opportunity to push your sexual limits (safely!) and get to know yourself even more.

First Quarter

The first quarter moon encourages heightened communication. It's all about understanding your partner and yourself through intimate conversation.

If you're having trouble talking about your sex life with your partner, this is the time to bring that up. Strong communication makes for a deeper connection in the sack. This is also a great time to discuss the things you like and don't like in the bedroom, and of course, bring up all the dirty things you want to try!

Full Moon

The full moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. You can think of it like the moon's orgasm. When used right, this powerful energy can be synced with our sex lives to basically let us cum at the same time as the moon. How’s that for creating a close connection with nature?

The moon gives our libidos a lightening bolt of sexual stimulation and helps to fuel our most instinctual desires. This is the time in the moon cycle where we feel the most energy, so it’s only natural that the energy gets transformed into sexual intimacy. We also tend to feel a bit more romantic during this time. So plan on having some serious adventurous fun in the sheets and then snuggle up for some pillow-talk. The full moon will make you feel intimate on every level.

Last Quarter

We have reached the last big milestone in the moon phase, the last quarter. This is the time for relaxation, rest, and refueling. This does not mean to stop being horny, sexy, and intimate with you or your partner, but rather take the time to be present and incorporate mindfulness into your sex life. Consider some sweet-as-pie morning sex or an eye-contact heavy Sunday afternoon romp in the sheets.

Working with the moon cycle to improve your sex life will help you to connect with not only the universe, but with you and your partner on a more spiritual and instinctual level.

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