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It’s officially Leo season until August 22, which means it’s time for excitement, drama, spontaneity, and creativity. This iconic period is not one to miss out on. While it’s a great time to enjoy warm weather activities with friends and family, you can also celebrate it with your partner—regardless of your zodiac signs.

Need some ideas on how to do that? We’ve got you covered. Read ahead for six ways you can embrace your partner and all the qualities that make Leo season so exciting.

1) Show your partner love in spontaneous ways

Say goodbye to typical dinner-and-a-movie dates (at least for now), because it’s time to get spontaneous! You can take a trip to a place you haven’t been to before, or randomly give your partner a thoughtful gift. You can tell your partner what makes them special when they don't expect it, or you can do their chores for a week. And hey, you can also have extra sexy time, if you both want.

Knowing your partner’s love language—either words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, physical touch, or quality time—can also give you a starting point.

2) Watch a play or musical together

Leos are all about theatrics, so why not see a play or musical together? You can go to a theater or even watch at home. This can be especially fun date if you’re dating someone from the theater community. Maybe they can share some behind-the-scenes secrets! And of course, bonus points if the show has humor, passion, or dramatic plot twists.

3) Think of creative ways to connect

Deep conversations and bear hugs are classic ways to connect with your partner, but you can get creative too. This may look like manifesting a happy future together, asking questions that show you care, or trying a mindfulness activity. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite activity as a couple!

4) Attend a murder mystery dinner theater event

Combine suspense and creativity for a fun night at a murder mystery dinner theater. This is an exciting, entertaining way to enjoy a nice meal. To connect even more with your partner, work together to solve the case. Few things say “Leo” more than this!

5) Get extra excited for them

Did your partner get a raise at work? Or meet a new goal? Or are you just feeling extra in love with them? Either way, let your partner know and praise them! Get extra excited about their good news and remind them how amazing they are. Show your commitment and dedication with grand portrayals of compassion.

6) Engage in each other’s passions

While it’s great for partners to have independent interests, Leo season can be a great time to enjoy those passions together. This may look like playing their favorite sport, eating their favorite food at a new restaurant, trying an art class, or otherwise engaging in their hobbies. This lets you show your appreciation and love for your partner—and maybe find a new passion yourself!

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