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The benefits of mindfulness are well-documented. Mindfulness improves symptoms of depression and anxiety and is associated with better sleep and greater well-being.

Most people think that mindfulness is all about meditation, which isn’t entirely true. Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment, without judging thoughts or emotions that arise. That’s it. So while we can practice mindfulness by meditating, we can also practice being mindful in everyday activities.

Many people believe mindfulness is a solo activity, but you can share mindful experiences with your partner. In fact, mindfulness is associated with greater relationship satisfaction and partner acceptance.

Here are 3 mindfulness activities to try with your partner that can enhance your well-being as a couple.

Rhythmic Steps

A mindful walk with a partner is an excellent way to get out of the house, break up your routine, and spend quality time together. During your walk, participate fully. Turn off all electronics and just be there with each other. Engage your senses — what do you see? Smell? Hear, taste? Notice the sound of your feet on the pavement and the rhythm of the repetitive movement. Pay attention to how it feels to have your partner in close proximity. Notice and acknowledge thoughts as they come up without judging them — and when you notice your attention drifting, bring it back to the walk.

You can decide to talk during (and make sure you participate fully in the conversation) or you can silently be mindful together. There is no right choice.

Cleanse Your Body

Another great mindfulness activity is showering. Showers include ample opportunities to use your five senses. You can pause and pay attention to the feel of the water on your skin, and notice the smell of the shampoo or your favorite soap. You can bring your awareness to the sounds or the temperature of the water.

Mindful showering with your partner might also include an opportunity to connect in a different way, where you are both simply paying attention with mind, body, and spirit.


Painting and coloring are excellent mindfulness activities, and these activities are great to do with a partner. I really appreciate mindful painting and coloring because there is something soothing about the rhythm of it. There are also lots of ways to engage your senses — hearing the soft swish of the brush or scratch of the utensil on the paper, watching the colors appear, and the feeling of holding the pencil or brush.

While you paint or color, you could certainly also engage in conversation, but there’s no pressure. You can just color together.

The opportunities for mindfulness with your partner are endless. Once you move your thinking away from meditations and towards activities you and your partner can engage in mindfully, the world opens up. You can share all the benefits of mindfulness with the ones you love.

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