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Long distance relationships are hard. Hell, even relationships in which you see your SO all the time are hard. Add in the stress of traveling and the pain of missing each other and you’ve got an extra challenge.

Visiting one another is a great cure for the LDR blues, but traveling isn’t simple these days. What can you do?

You can send your SO a gift—something tangible that lets them know you’re thinking of them. Of course, a present won’t replace you and your love or get rid of the icky missing-you feeling, but it will help remind them how much you care.

From travel accessories to more, *ahem*, adult things, here is a list of long-distance relationship gifts:

Travel Kit

When travel is simple again, they’re probably going to hop on a plane/bus/boat to come see you again. And what does every traveler need? A cute travel kit for toiletries! Who doesn’t love being organized?

Airpod Adaptor

Another travel must-have, these handy contraptions plug into the headphone jacks on airplanes so you can connect your AirPods. Très convenient.

Perfume or Cologne

Do you always wear a certain perfume or cologne? Send your SO a bottle. That way they can spritz a little when they’re missing you. Out of all the senses, scent is the one with the strongest ties to memory.

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

There are bracelet sets that are connected so when one is tapped, the other lights up and vibrates. In other words, when you’re missing your partner and you give your bracelet a little tappity-tap, their bracelet will respond. We are living in the future!

Conversation Starter Cards

It can be hard to think of new things to talk about when you’re in an LDR. Enter: conversation starter cards. You can either buy or make cards with different topics and questions to get the talking juices flowing.

Time Sensitive Love Notes

These aren’t your grandma’s love notes. Instead of a regular letter, send love notes with instructions as to when they should be opened. Such as “for when you’re having a bad day” or “for when you’re feeling a little naughty.”

Something More Comfortable

Just because you’re not together in person doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your SO wearing something sexy.  Video chatting + lingerie = one good Friday night.

Remote Control Sex Toys

Who needs hands when you have an app or a remote control? Send your SO a sex toy that you can control for some long distance fun.

Phone Holders

Phones might not weigh much, but boy do our arms get tired holding them for a long FaceTime call! Make it easier to chat for hours by gifting a bendable and wearable phone holder.

Cocktail Kit

If you miss going to Happy Hour with your boo, a cocktail kit is the gift for you. Send your partner a cocktail kit and then make the same drink over video chat for a virtual happy hour.

Instant Camera

You don’t get to spend much time together, so be sure to capture those precious moments in real time with an instant camera. Plus, they’re super retro and trendy right now.

Being apart is never going to be easy. But these long distance relationship gifts can make it suck a little less.

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