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Cooler weather, colorful leaves, Halloween… Fall is the best (or the coziest) season, and I won’t let anyone say otherwise. It’s packed with fun activities you can do with your partner, from pumpkin carving to haunted houses to watching scary movies under fleece blankets.

Now that the Starbucks fall menu is back, where the heck do you start with so many options to choose from? With your zodiac sign, of course! Here’s the perfect fall date you must go on with your partner.


Capricorns, as courageous and bold signs, a haunted house is your go-to. We know you can handle all the jump scares! And hey, if you get scared, that’s just an excuse to hold your significant other’s hand!


Since you’re independent and original, you’ll love a pumpkin-based baking date, Aquarius signs. You’ll enjoy thinking of creative pumpkin recipes (move over, muffins and lattes!) and baking them with your S/O.


Creative, gentle, and loving, Pisces signs will thrive in a Fall-themed painting date. Need an idea? You can paint a Fall landscape on a canvas, spray-paint pinecones like candy corn, paint wine glasses, and so much more. To be even more Pisces-Esque, give your creation to your partner as a gift afterward!


Raking leaves (but mostly jumping in leaf piles) is an ideal date for Aries signs, who are competitive and optimistic. See which partner can make the biggest or fastest pile — I’m sure it’ll be you, Aries! — then jump in it and roll around. This is an activity that kids usually do, but it’s simply too fun to miss out on, regardless of your age.


You need a trip to the pumpkin patch and then pumpkin carving Taurus signs. This date will let you show off your work ethic (in a fun way) while also enjoying some time in the comfort of your home. After you and your partner carve pumpkins, have your friends (or Insta followers) vote on the best one!


Curious and adaptable, Geminis will love a trip to the psychic with their partner. This is a spooky and exciting date they’ll feel super excited about and want to discuss for the next week!


Cancers, grab a blanket and the remote because you and your partner are watching a Fall-themed rom-com in bed — with fluffy blankets and pumpkin spice lattes, obviously! Your caring spirit and emotional nature are some of your many strengths, so lean into that during this romantic Fall date.


Since you love excitement and attention (it’s not a bad thing!), you should host a Fall-themed party, Leos! Invite some other couples you’re friends with, then go all out. Bob for apples, enjoy pumpkin-spice snacks, drink apple cider, tell scary stories… you know what to do!


Virgo signs, you’ll love a corn maze date. You’ll take great satisfaction in finishing the maze as a perfectionistic and hardworking sign. Then, celebrate with an Insta-worthy pumpkin charcuterie board after!


If anyone understands how hard it is to pick one Fall date, it’s you, Libras. That’s why you should make an entire day out of it! You can bake pumpkin muffins, thrift for flannels, then end the afternoon with a hike. Doesn’t that sound amazing!?


As an intuitive and resourceful sign, Scorpios will love apple picking and then baking an apple pie. Experiment with extra ingredients or different types of apples to spice it up. Yum!


Sagittarius signs, your perfect fall date is a tailgate and football game. Since you’re so amiable and easy to talk to, you’ll thrive in this social environment.

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