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It's not uncommon to hear a man call a woman the c-word. No, not that word. The other one: crazy.

Men sometimes use this term willy-nilly when they lack an adjective to describe what a woman is thinking, usually when they are dating, have dated, or didn’t have the chance to date.

This word has a reputation of making women super pissed off and angry. Why? Because the actions and thoughts they are being called crazy for seem pretty rational to them!

So let’s turn things around and make "crazy" the next power word. If men are going to call us that, we might as well take pride and reclaim it as something awesome. Here are reasons to celebrate getting called "crazy."

Crazy Means You Have An Opinion

Having an opinion on literally anything can make a man deem you crazy. Usually it’s because your opinion is stronger and more informed than his or is just different.

Men who don’t respect a woman’s personal opinion on a subject often spout out the word “crazy” because they don’t care to listen or understand her point of view. They also might do it to demean you and make you feel small, pushing you to feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts in the future.

Crazy Means You React

Let’s face it, men love to call women crazy when they react to situations, no matter how rational or irrational the reaction is. A man in the wrong will often utilize the word crazy in order to flip his wrong onto you. It’s called a projection.

But as humans, it’s only natural to react to the situations we are thrown into and the words that come our way. Being named “crazy” for having a reaction is ridiculous. It's natural to feel things, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Crazy Means You Know What You Like

When it comes to physical intimacy, men will often call a woman “crazy” or “freaky” in the sheets. Some women may take this as a compliment—all the power to them. We should be proud that we know what to like and how to get it.

However, some women might be a little turned off by this term as a description for their bedroom behavior. But let’s rethink this. If he calls you “crazy,” maybe he just can’t handle what you have to offer... ever think about that?

Crazy Means You Are Passionate

Not everyone has a passion, and it can be hard to keep up with a passionate person when you aren't one yourself. Even if you love your partner’s passion and are super turned on by it, it can be difficult to understand them. That’s when the word “crazy” gets lazily tossed into conversation.

Try not to think of this as an insult. Use this word to empower your passion. Seriously, you are so passionate that this dude can’t even keep up with you. Crazy, right?

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