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It’s hard to keep up with the dating slang these days. From breadcrumbing to COVID-worthy to benching to ghosting, it’s a miracle that people are even finding matches anymore. Seriously, it takes a full dictionary to understand what’s happening in the dating world.

Our new favorite piece of dating lingo that’s popped up recently is the term “Kanye-ing.” And it’s something that we have probably all dealt with. Here are the deets…

What Is Kanye-ing?

Kanye-ing, as you could have guessed, is named after America's favorite egotistical superstar, Kanye West. Kanye-ing is when your date talks solely about themselves and does not allow you to get a word in about your life or your interests. Basically, it means a one-sided date experience. Your date will have a great time going on and on about their accomplishments, expecting you to fall madly in love by the end of the date.

In reality, you’re sitting across the table wishing you were anywhere but there. Being Kanye’d sucks and destroys any spark that could be ignited between two people. A quality back-and-forth conversation is what is necessary to start the fire.

What To Do If You Are Being Kanye’d

So, as we mentioned before, most of us have been Kanye’d. In fact, according to a survey done by Plenty of Fish, 45% of singles have found themselves stuck on a date with someone who completely dominates the conversation. Take that 45% and add in the other people who have been in a relationship like that or even had a friend or family member like that, and you will find that being Kanye’d is more common than we thought. Like, why didn’t this get a designated term before?

So, what do you do if you are being Kanye’d? Here are some tips:

  1. Stop responding. It’s hard not to be polite, but nodding and being an active listener will just encourage the behavior.
  2. Interrupt them. Try to change the subject by commenting on something around you or switching the topic to something you are interested in. This may seem impolite, but hopefully, they’ll understand your sudden nudge.
  3. Be bold and straightforward. Let them know that you’d like to have an equal conversation.
  4. Leave. If nothing else works and you’ve given it your best effort, know that you are not without the ability to leave the date. If something is making you uncomfortable, you do not have to stay in that situation.
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