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As a person who has been in many long-distance relationships, I understand why anyone would be hesitant to jump into one. These kinds of relationships can be exhausting when you have to work around schedules to communicate, watch your friends go on dates, and deal with loneliness alone. That being said, the relationship can be worth the effort if it is the right person.

Iris Dating believes that some relationships are special enough to survive the distance. Users that fit certain criteria can choose to participate in a program to meet up with their match. Iris Dating truly believes in what they are doing as I don’t know of any other dating service that offers such a gift.

Why You Shouldn’t Immediately Turn Down a Long-Distance Relationship

I may have beaten the story of how I met my partner like a dead horse with this blog, but it can still relate to this topic. Before moving in together, we lived about an hour and 30 minutes apart, give or take. I know that isn't an extremely long distance, but it did still put a strain on things. I couldn't see him whenever I wanted, for example, if I had a bad day or something. We also had moments where he had car trouble, and I couldn't drive since I'm disabled. Dates had to be planned way in advance so he could make the journey. Even smaller distances apart can create struggles.

However, here we are ten years later, happy and living together. If I had decided I didn't want to be bothered with the distance; I would have scrolled right past the one. Long distance relationships are complicated and not for everyone. In this regard, the founder of Iris Dating says it best about what you could be missing.

Iris Dating Is Willing to Help Make It Happen

Iris’ founder Igor Khalatian believes in his creation and the power of mutual attraction so much that he has included a “Romantic Travel Promotion” on Iris' terms of use. After completing the training part of your membership, IRIS rates all of its members and identifies the ones you would find most attractive: the highest possible rating is 20. In a rare occurrence, two members may rate a 20 for each other mutually. When that happens, Iris Dating wants to ensure that distance doesn't get in the way of romance. If you and your match live more than 300 miles apart, Iris Dating may pay for the plane ride to get you two to meet up!


f you can take anything away from this article, I want it to be the following statement. Sometimes the right one isn't going to be in your hometown or even close to it. Most people might not be fond of the fact, but it can be especially true for those that live in a small town. If you really feel a meaningful connection with someone, don’t turn down the idea of long-distance relationships due to distance. It could end up being your biggest regret. Iris Dating doesn’t want you to miss out on such an opportunity. The company truly cares for its users and sees them succeed in their romantic goals. Try the Iris Dating app and see why a focus on mutual attraction makes all the difference.

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