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Dating is tough. Lucky for us, the iris dating app is on the trail of making things easier with its innovative way of tackling online dating. I recently gave some tips for online dating success to find the best candidate online to be your life partner. My partner and I are ten years strong, so hopefully, I can help somebody with my experiences. However, the first date may be considered the most challenging hurdle.

Everything is new. The person is unknown. You clicked online and on the phone, but it may be more complicated in person since you are both so nervous. What do you talk about to get the conversation going? Hopefully, you stick to the things that made you click in the first place because I am not talking about that today.

No, I’m talking about the things you should avoid speaking about if you want to get that second date. I’m even guilty of one of them myself.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

I’m putting this one at the top because it’s probably what most people do, and I am guilty of it. It may be second nature to bad-mouth our exes, but no one wants to hear that, especially a potential new partner. You may not be speaking ill of them. Maybe your ex was abusive or did things that made you uncomfortable, and you want to ensure you never have to deal with those issues again.

That’s valid. But it may be a better idea to wait further down the line. Bringing things like this up too early can scare someone away. You may not get to the point of addressing the issues. Past relationship scars should only be addressed if the two of you discuss being exclusive.

Politics May be An Uncomfortable First Date Topic

Most people realize how serious political discussions can get. Politics may not be an ideal first-date topic unless you've established that you have similar political views. The last thing you want is a screaming match in the middle of a Starbucks and an angry date, leaving you the bill.

Seeming Too Eager About Money Isn’t Going to Look Good

Let's be honest here. If the first thing you ask about is how much money a person makes, that will not look good on your person. Your date will think that money is all you see in a potential partner. They may even conclude that you are just looking for a free meal if you meet at a place serving food.


These are just a few topics you should not mention on a first date. I was tempted to add religion, but some people are upfront about their faith and actually connect that way. It depends on the people. The same can be said for politics, but those discussions tend to get much more aggressive these days. It may be easier to stick to similar interests and things that would enable a person to get to know you better.

These tips are important to consider for a first date. But it doesn't end here. There is a lot more to learn by the time you get to your fifth date. Follow our Iris Dating blog to keep up with all practical guides and insights to make your dating life better!

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