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When you're thinking about breaking up with someone, you may wonder what kind of reaction you'll get. There's the argumentative dumpee, the apathetic dumpee, the eat-chocolate-and-cry dumpee, and the list goes on. You may worry about hurting them or getting into a screaming match.

To prepare yourself for your partner's response, check out the insight for their zodiac sign below.


Capricorns aren't the most committed or emotional of the signs, so you won't find them sobbing for days on end. Instead, they're more likely to focus and work on other things they need to do, accepting the breakup rather than trying to fight it.


Aquarius signs won't "feel their feels" much. They'll respond more analytically and try to avoid any lingering hurt feelings. While they care about significant, worldly issues, they don't connect in the same way on a smaller level.


As a conflict-avoidant sign, Pisces won't want to interact with you much during or after the breakup. Seriously, don't call them. They'll stay in tune with how you're doing because they're so intuitive, but they won't reach out.


Bold and competitive, Aries will take being dumped as an attack. Not long after, they may post lots of happy pictures with friends and new romantic interests to prove they "won" the breakup.


Taurus signs are stubborn and may argue against your reasoning for breaking up. But, once the breakup is finalized, they'll find comfort in routine. This may be hard since their routine probably included their now-ex, so they'll stick to other parts of their schedule to cope.


Geminis won't show their pain externally. In fact, you won't hear much from them at all. From checking out their social media or hearing about them, you'll guess they moved on pretty quickly. This is somewhat true, given how adaptable they are; however, they'll feel their emotions more intensely when they're alone.


Cancer signs will be devastated by the breakup as emotional romantics, even if they don't show it in front of you. They'll spend a lot of time crying in their bedroom and setting boundaries because they can't face seeing you again. (Yep, it's as sad as it sounds.)


Leos will be shocked you broke up with them, wondering why you didn't see how great they are. They're quite dramatic and external about their emotions, and they'll make sure you see their anguish.


As the analytical sign, a Virgo will wonder why you broke up with them for days. They'll ask you about your reasoning and may even argue with you about it. Then, they'll become cynical and apathetic, trying not to care — even though their self-esteem is bruised.


Libras, who dislike change, respond to breakups by just acting like they didn't happen. They'll be amicable and say they still want to "stay friends" — but they may just be trying to save face.


Being dumped is an intense experience for a Scorpio. They struggle to let go and feel that loss of control, especially when they're alone. Because of this, expect them to creep on their now-ex's Instagram pretty often.


Adaptable and curious, a Sagittarius will handle being broken up with better than some of the other signs. They may realize the breakup was a good thing and encourage themselves to be optimistic about what's to come.

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