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When the founder of Iris Dating, Igor Khalatian, first conceptualized his plans for the app he was excited due to his strong belief in the importance of mutual attraction. He knew that many dating app users were becoming jaded and losing hope of finding an ideal match due to the rise of “hook-up culture.”

In addition to the rise of hook-up culture, dating app users may feel unsafe due to fake profiles and catfishing issues. Khalatian thought of that too. New users can only use the app once a proper selfie is confirmed and matches their other photos. The app has also been applauded for cracking down on any deception. The Iris Dating app strives to be a safe place for those serious about finding a soulmate.

What is Hook Up Culture?

The term "hook-up culture" started being tossed around during the rise of the infamous dating app Tinder. Tinder and others like it offer numerous partners at the swipe of a finger. This formula creates the problem of less serious users who are only interested in a physical relationship or a one-night liaison. Serious dating app users are getting tired of having to weed through these types of users. Around 80% of dating app users feel this way, to give you a more solid number.

Picture this: You get excited about a guy or girl you hit it off with and plan to meet up. Upon the meeting, you are devastated to find out they were only interested in taking you home for the night. That's hook-up culture and why many dating app users are sick of being on the receiving end. The frustration is understandable as it makes the process of finding an ideal match much harder.

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What Can Iris Dating Do About Hook-Up Culture?

I mentioned Iris Dating’s firm stance on mutual attraction. Suppose both parties are strongly attracted to one another. In that case, they will make a valiant effort to get to know one another, focus on each other, and build a solid foundation. The logic makes sense if someone is really into you and vice versa. You and your potential mate would want to make a relationship come to fruition. That's why the app focuses on the probability of mutual attraction between the two matches.

What is Catfishing?

Catfishers are people who make fake dating profiles online and then pursue a relationship with another user. Catfishers may target people for money, do it because they don’t feel confident in themselves, or even do it just for kicks. Catfishing can ruin lives as people lose money and valuables from the act. In some cases, it can even turn deadly.

What Can Iris Dating Do About Catfishing?

As I mentioned in the opening, the Iris Dating app has already been praised for cracking down on catfishers. The company cares about its users, and the app goes the extra mile regarding safety. New users must take a selfie on the spot during registration to ensure that it matches the user's other profile pictures. This helps Iris tackle catfishers effectively, ensuring a safer dating environment.

Iris is already trying to make sure that you are safe. However, someone may be honest and still not be a good person. Harassment is a regular occurrence on dating apps, unfortunately. If someone is making you uncomfortable, do not hesitate to report them.

The Iris Dating app is truly a unique app that cares about its users' safety and that they find the one. Other dating apps may seem too lax regarding harassers, and repeat catfishers can always make another fake profile. They won’t get the chance on Iris. Try Iris today and see the difference for yourself.

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