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What Is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is an emotional and/or spiritual connection with someone that gets embedded deeply into your soul. The entanglement you feel your soul may have with another in a soul tie is commonly thought to form during sexual intercourse, but sex is not necessary to form a soul tie. It might be, for those who believe in this, that you knew someone in a past life, or have a "soul contract" to meet up with this person in this lifetime.

Soul ties are not the same as chemistry in relationships. Chemistry can spark the beginning of a soul tie, but it by itself is not a soul tie nor does it alone indicate one. It might indicate the potential for mutual attraction, which Iris Dating says is the most powerful foundation for a relationship. Mutual attraction is probably necessary for a soul tie to form--more on that at the end of this article.

There are several types of soul ties and, contrary to popular belief, not all of them are bad. Unfortunately, soul times can become toxic and one-sided; it helps to know your own attachment style and care for yourself accordingly, especially if you're more on the anxious side. When you hear "soul tie," you're likely to think of it in terms of a romantic relationship, but there can be platonic soul ties, also known as spiritual friends or soul friends, and those can be just as intense and just as beautiful (or just as painful) as romantic soul ties. There can also be "soul ties" with people who have the same mission as you and you are meant to work toward building something for others together.

Symptoms of a Soul Tie

How to know if you have a soul tie can be challenging; certain types of attraction can feel strong and deep, but a soul tie seems somehow timeless like you've known this person for a lifetime, or at least much longer than you've known them naturally.

Other symptoms of soul ties include feeling like something is missing in your life if the person you have a soul time with leaves. Another way to say that is that you may feel like they "complete" you.

The Effect of a Soul Tie

Because soul ties have a reputation for always being "bad" or something you need to "break" before you can be healthy, it might be new territory to consider how to create a soul tie with someone. But there are times when you'd want to, and the first ingredient is mutual attraction--not just one-sided attraction, which is insufficient for a relationship to go the distance. The second ingredient is time. Soul ties can weaken or get stronger with time. This is why it's so important to guard your time, especially with potential romantic partners as you're getting to know that.

If you're going to create a soul tie with someone, make sure that they are the best partner for you; soul ties can be broken, but it's better to avoid the difficult and often painful work it can take to break a soul time and heal. Don't try to build a soul tie with someone who isn't attracted to you even if you're attracted to them; that's a recipe for heartbreak - start with mutual attraction. Iris Dating matches people based on mutual attraction using artificial intelligence to learn your preferences and present you to those who it is learned you would be attracted to. Starting from this foundation of mutual attraction will make it easier to build a healthy soul tie with someone and trust that your relationship will last.

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