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While we all want to feel special and celebrated by our romantic partners, this desire can get us into trouble. Not everything that looks like love is actually healthy love. Love bombing is a red flag and is actually one of the early warning signs that a person may ghost you in the future. If you suspect that you may be a victim of love bombing and ghosting, it is important to be able to recognize the signs and take steps to protect yourself.

What is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is the behavior of someone who uses excessive flattery, attention, and gifts to manipulate and control their partner's emotions and actions.

Signs of Love Bombing

The signs can include constant messaging and phone calls, lavish gifts, and a constant need for attention and validation. Love bombing signs in dating can be challenging to spot, especially in the early stages of a relationship when feelings of love and affection are still new and exciting. However, there are some key signs to look out for that may indicate that you are being love bombed. These include:

  1. Constant messages and phone calls
  2. Excessive flattery and compliments
  3. Constant need for attention and validation
  4. Lavish gifts and grand romantic gestures
  5. Pressure to move the relationship forward quickly
  6. Isolation from friends and family

What is Love Bombing Then Ghosting?

Love bombing then ghosting is a pattern of behavior that is all too common in dating today. It is a tactic used by manipulators and others who do not have pure intentions to gain control and power over potential dating partners, and it can be incredibly damaging to those who fall victim to it. After an initial period of intense attention and affection, the person who was love bombing may suddenly disappear or cut off all contact. This can be incredibly damaging to the victim, who may feel confused, hurt, and abandoned abruptly; it can feel like emotional whiplash.

If you have been love bombed and then ghosted, it is important to take care of yourself and to seek support from friends and loved ones. It can be helpful to talk to a therapist or coach who can help you to process your feelings and provide guidance on how to move forward. It may even be helpful to consider taking a break from dating.  The most important thing is doing what you need to do to take care of yourself, which may or may not be understanding the thought process of the person who love-bombed and then ghosted you.

How to Avoid Love Bombing?

Unfortunately, this is a pattern of behavior that is all too common in dating today. While it's not reasonable to expect yourself to completely avoid people who engage in love bombing then ghosting or any other unhealthy pattern in dating, you can protect yourself by starting off on the right foot. Mutual attraction is the solid foundation upon which to start a relationship. It calls people to be their best selves, to respect each other and to consider commitment more than similar interests, geographic proximity or other factors people may have on their 'list.'

Iris Dating is the only app that learns your attraction preferences using AI matchmaking and matches you with others more likely to be attracted to you, thus minimizing one-sided attraction and superficial swiping. This isn't a guarantee against being love-bombed and then ghosted (such a thing does not exist), but you can minimize the risks by educating yourself on the warning signs in dating and starting relationships on the right foundation.

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