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Last year my uncle announced that he was no longer married to his wife. They decided to go their separate ways. As our houses aren’t that far from each other, we tried our best to check up on him at least once a week. This tragedy has put me in a new perspective. I've seen my mom go through the same thing over the years (she got married 3 times). But it's certainly a different take on how to get over a divorce as a man. Perhaps due to the fact that women are more emotional and expressive.

However, coping with divorce as a man doesn't have to be so hard and complicated. If you're going through one, here's what you can do:

1) Avoid Adding More Problems to Your Current Situation

The last thing you want to happen when you’re going through a divorce as a man is dealing with some drama. It could happen when you make an impulsive decision.

My uncle dated a much younger girl 2 months after his divorce and it certainly didn’t end well for him. His intention was to make the divorce less painful but the stress added by the drama he had with the girl.

You probably have seen some men who got their hearts broken storm out and lash out in a bar — just randomly. They also make sure to let the world know all the dirty laundry they had with their ex-wife. Coping with divorce as a man can be challenging at times but you don’t need to make the situation worse by making new mistakes.

2) Shift Your Focus Into Doing Something New

Use the divorce as a turning point in your life. There is always life after love.

Do you have that one hobby you’ve been wanting to try? How’s that cool business idea of yours coming along?

Many men use their lowest time like this to turn their life in a much better way. Rather than being stuck in self-loathing for years, you need to make the best out of it.

How men deal with divorce isn't necessarily the same as women. Women tend to run to their friends and surround themselves with company 24/7 while you probably prefer to be alone. And that’s OK. But you also need a healthy outlet to express your anger, sadness, and frustration into something else. Getting a new hobby or project can help you get out of your head more.

Stay busy and focus on what’s right in front of you — instead of letting your mind get stuck in the past.

3) Take the Next Step in Your Love Life

What’s life after a divorce for men? It depends on your emotional availability.

Some want to stay single and the rest opt to move on from a previous relationship and jump back into the dating pool. However, one thing to note is that healing takes time. It’s even necessary to seek professional help sometimes.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need someone to talk to. There’s no such thing as being too late to even try online dating. Joining a dating app like Iris Dating can help you regain your confidence.


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After all, who wants to waste any more years being with the wrong partner (again) right? You’ve had that experience enough.

Just like anything else in life, learning how to get over a divorce as a man will never be a linear journey. There will be times when a mental breakdown hits and you lose hope in love.

But 6 months later you might look back and be proud of yourself for feeling healed and stoked to meet your new date from Iris Dating. You never know.

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