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Before putting yourself on trial and judging your attractiveness on your looks, way, and style a person should be asking himself what kind of attraction one is looking for. Is there more than one kind of attraction? YES! There are physical, emotional, sexual and many other forms by which other people might find you attractive while all of these sound important but one kind of attraction takes superiority among these all. Which one??? you might be asking.

Well, imagine yourself sitting on a bench in a beautiful park in summer, hearing the beautiful voices of birds singing and the rustling of the leaves while some leaves fall to the ground.

A beautiful person walks past you, you've never met before, and have only taken a glance at that person about 1 to 2 seconds and your heart starts pumping blood as if it got a new meaning to live for…

This, my friend, is the attraction I am talking about: above beauty, physique, or any other info, life status and style. Just that you seem to have a connection with that person, you find yourself getting pulled towards him/her, you find yourself in a form of attraction you never knew about before.

So, am I attractive? In short, YES and NO. You might be attractive to one person, but not to the other, you're attracted to some human beings, but not everyone that crosses your sight.

Mutual Attraction

Mutual attraction is the most precious commodity. It has always been incredibly rare. But now it can be experienced by everybody.

You might be wondering about the imagination of the summer, the park, and the bench. Sounds like a scene out of a movie, it sounds too good to be true, I might disagree, you never know when a person who is “The One” crosses your path.

But… if you're in a hurry and can't wait on the chances of “That One Moment” you can always try iris Dating - a dating app that was built with only one thing in mind “Start with Attraction”. Why? iris is here to help you find a person who you will find attractive and who will be truly attracted to you. And this mutual attraction will be beyond all these secondary criteria like religion, race, politics, income, etc. iris believes in finding “The One”. Don't believe it? Give it a go.

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