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Taylor Marsh

Taylor is a writer and actress. You may have seen her onstage in a musical, heard her voice on the radio, or read some of her work online. @taylormorganmarsh

Kirstie Taylor

I write for the hopeful romantics of the world. Relationship and self-improvement advice without the BS.

Megan Wildhood

Megan Wildhood is a neurodiverse writer whose work appears in her poetry chapbook Long Division as well as The Atlantic, Yes! Magazine, Mad in America, The Sun and elsewhere.

Ashley Broadwater

Ashley, a Dating/ Relationship Writer for iris, attended UNC Hussman School of Journalism & Media. She's passionate about body positivity, puns, & helping others experiencing unhealthy relationships.

Marina Harris

Dr. Marina Harris is a psychology and relationship expert. She aims to make science-based mental health information more accessible. Tune in for empathetic advice based on human connection.

Megan Lane

Megan Lane primarily writes about cannabis, relationships, and mental health. She's been featured in HuffPost, Insider, and Al Jazeera. In her spare time, she enjoys eating CBD-infused brownies.

Jozie Konczal

Jozie is a writer, editor and poet from South Carolina. She has an MFA from Hollins University and is on the poetry staff for Cleaver Magazine. Access more of her work at

Miranda Moore

Miranda is a freelance content writer and copywriter. She has written blogs, articles, website content, and more for individuals and small businesses in many fields.

Canwen Xu

Canwen is the Content Strategist for iris and is responsible for running EQ. She graduated from Columbia University last May with a degree in political science and computer science.

Katherine Beirne

I am a freelance writer pursuing many things, including my master's and how to make a playlist for every mood I'm in.

Yelena Dzhanova

Yelena Dzhanova is a reporter with bylines in CNBC, New York Magazine, CNN, BuzzFeed News, and NBC News.

Ashley T.

Ashley frequently chews on straws and finds herself being excessively tickled by spoonerisms.

Michelle Mayer

A writer from the NYC area in a loving 5 year relationship giving you the best relationship advice for all ages both online and offline.

Anggun Bawi

Mental health & relationships writer based in Vancouver, BC🇨🇦 I help people feel less alone on their love life journey.

Zuva Seven

Zuva is a freelance writer and editor-in-chief of the online digital magazine An Injustice!. She writes on a range of topics such as mental health, culture, sexuality, and feminism.

Daniel Mori

Daniel is a Marketing and digital dating industry veteran. He is an aviation geek and travel freak who is easily corruptible with good prosciutto.

Tayla Blaire

I'm a freelance lifestyle journalist with words in Refinery 29, Insider, Stylist, and more. Forever maxing out the pages in my passport, or hanging with my cats.

Maylin Tu

Maylin lives in Los Angeles, California. She writes about pop culture, spirituality and fashion.

Kristin Manna

Kristin is a Stand-Up comic living NYC. She is also a terrible dancer

Lara Stewart

Freelance writer and traveler.

John Marchese

John Marchese is a 28-year-old emerging writer from Long Island, New York. He enjoys cooking, reading, martial arts, and yoga. He resides with his girlfriend who is a professional writer.

Muhammad Hamad

I can be known by many professions, Content writer, Copywriter, description writer or you can say a writer in general, a soon to be Software Engineer.

Jasely Molina

Figuring life out — one rant at a time.

Sue Dunham

Sue Dunham is a millennial living in the Midwest. Sue is a cat-owning, outdoor-loving member of the alphabet mafia who is almost guaranteed to have a book or a podcast to recommend for any situation.

Igor Khalatian

Founder and CEO at

Maria Rose

Maria Rose is a writer, designer, and audio narrator.

Coralle Skye Panrucker

Coralle is a freelance writer with a special interest in wellness, yoga, and dating and relationships. You can find her work in Giddy and The Date Mix.

Daniel Reast

Daniel is a freelance journalist and writer based in the UK. His writing interests include bisexuality, queer politics, society and men's mental health.

Joshua Everett

Just a Southern Black boy using these letters and words to try and make sense of the world.

Alicia Banaszewski

Writer (she/her) of the foodish, bookish, and feminist. Author of Bright Blue (poetry) Dancing Girl Press.

Apple Mandy

Apple is a New York-based writer who loves storytelling. Whether reported pieces or personal essays, her work can be seen in various publications, including CNN Travel, Insider, and SELF.

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