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Taylor Marsh

Taylor is a writer and actress. You may have seen her onstage in a musical, heard her voice on the radio, or read some of her work online. @taylormorganmarsh

Megan Lane

Megan Lane primarily writes about cannabis, relationships, and mental health. She's been featured in HuffPost, Insider, and Al Jazeera. In her spare time, she enjoys eating CBD-infused brownies.

Canwen Xu

Canwen is the Content Strategist for iris and is responsible for running EQ. She is a recent graduate of Columbia University, but spent most of her life in the American Midwest.

Kirstie Taylor

I write for the hopeful romantics of the world. Relationship and self-improvement advice without the BS.

Yelena Dzhanova

Yelena Dzhanova is a reporter with bylines in CNBC, New York Magazine, CNN, BuzzFeed News, and NBC News.

Michelle Mayer

A writer from the NYC area in a loving 5 year relationship giving you the best relationship advice for all ages both online and offline.

Daniel Mori

Daniel is the Chief Growth Officer at iris and a digital dating industry veteran. He is an aviation geek and travel freak who is easily corruptible with good prosciutto.

Kristin Manna

Kristin is a Stand-Up comic living NYC. She is also a terrible dancer

John M. Marchese

John Marchese is a 28-year-old emerging writer from Long Island, New York. He enjoys cooking, reading, martial arts, and yoga. He resides with his girlfriend who is a professional writer.

Maylin Tu

Maylin lives in Los Angeles, California. She writes about pop culture, spirituality and fashion.

Maria Rose

Maria Rose is a writer, designer, and audio narrator.

Jasely Molina

Figuring life out — one rant at a time.

Jozie Konczal

Jozie is a writer, editor and poet from South Carolina. She has an MFA from Hollins University and is on the poetry staff for Cleaver Magazine.

Apple Mandy

Apple is a New York-based writer who loves storytelling. Whether reported pieces or personal essays, her work can be seen in various publications, including CNN Travel, Insider, and SELF.

Alicia Banaszewski

Writer (she/her) of the foodish, bookish, and feminist. Author of Bright Blue (poetry) Dancing Girl Press.

Katherine Beirne

I am a freelance writer pursuing many things, including my master's and how to make a playlist for every mood I'm in.