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Not ready for summer to end? Me neither. While it can be unbearably hot, it’s also the season for going on cute dates, enjoying a drink (or two) by the pool, and taking time off for vacations — even mini ones.

As much as I hate to say it, though, summer won’t be here for much longer. But don't fret — you can still end it with a bang! Here is the perfect summer date for you, according to your zodiac sign.


As a determined, adventurous, and brave sign, you’ll love a day of go-karts, obstacle courses, and mini golf. Embrace the thrills and competition with your partner. Hey, maybe loser buys dinner?


Aquarius signs, you’re devoted to helping others — which is one of your best qualities. Finish up summer with a fun volunteer date (volundate?) with your significant other. We’re thinking a couple hours at the animal shelter or something inside with A/C!


We love the idea of a fruit-picking date for Pisces signs, and summer is the season for berries. Since you’re so loving and helpful, Pisces, why not make a fruit pie with your S.O. afterward?


Known for your boldness, you’ll love some time at the amusement park, Aries. If your partner feels nervous before a ride, just share some of your Aries-level optimism, and I’m sure you two will have a blast.


Taurus signs, as level-headed and hardworking people, a hiking trip is right up your alley. We have faith you’ll make it all the way to the top — and get to enjoy the incredible (and romantic) view with your partner after.


Geminis, we recommend a double date for you! You’re affectionate and adaptable; you make everyone around you feel comfortable. Your double date could entail a pool trip, ice cream cones, or bike rentals — I’m sure you’ll have fun regardless of what you do!


Compassionate, loyal, and emotional Cancer signs will love an outdoor rom-com movie night. Bring a picnic blanket and a box of chocolates, and enjoy cuddling under the stars.


Leos, embrace your theatrical side with a night of karaoke and cute pictures! Start with an at-home photoshoot with summer-y decorations, then head to the bar to sing fun summer songs with your partner.


Virgos, as the most logical and intelligent sign, will enjoy a scheduled day of fun. Need some recommendations for ways to fill the day? You'll probably love checking out different museums (art and science ones, of course) and a cute coffee shop stop to give you the energy you’ll need.


A picnic date is perfect for a Libra. Embrace your peaceful and romantic side on this cute date — and don’t forget the charcuterie board filled with chocolates, fruits, veggies, cheese, and crackers!


As passionate, fearless leaders, consider a beach trip, Scorpios! You’ll certainly bring the heat, creating a spicy and spontaneous weekend full of fun activities like bocce ball and sand castle competitions.


Sagittarius signs, you need a camping trip! You’re adventurous, outgoing, and hard-working, which makes this date ideal for you. Have fun making s’mores, sitting by the campfire, fishing, and going on walks!

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