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Anyone else’s head spinning with all the new dating lingo flying around? I know mine is. From catfishing to benching to breadcrumbing, I can't even keep track of all the red flags to watch out for.

Since the pandemic hit, the dating scene has mostly shifted to virtual platforms. And because it's easier to be an asshole over Tinder than it is in real life, the negative trends just keep popping up one after another. The latest one, and arguably one of the most harmful, is wokefishing.

What is Wokefishing?

Wokefishing is when someone pretends they are “woke” to win you over... then later you find out they really aren't.

For example, it's when someone claims to support a political candidate when in reality, they have no knowledge of the candidate’s views on the issues. Another example is when someone pretends to care about a specific cause, but you eventually find out they’re totally clueless.

In many cases, people will claim to be vegan, keto, or into superfoods and meal-prep in order to gain the interest of someone they’re talking to. Crystals, yoga, and spirituality are other top subjects that wokefishers cling to.

Then, of course, there are the men who claim to be feminists. Some of these men might be rooting for womenkind, but more often than not, these men do not live what they preach. Keep an eye out for these ones!

Why is Wokefishing So Prevalent Now?

In the modern dating world, it’s obvious why wokefishing is surging in the dating scene. Everyone (and I mean everyone) seems to have a political opinion, trendy diet, or strict fitness regime. Seriously, there is a lot going on in the world right now.

Of course, it’s not wrong to be involved. And it’s not wrong to have a strict way of life. But, what is wrong is pretending to participate in these things when you actually aren't. Wokefishing is essentially lying, and that's not a solid foundation for any relationship.

How To Spot It

Wokefishing can be hard to spot at first, especially when we are all online dating and trying to stay safe from Covid. It can be easy for someone you’re interested in to Google a few fun facts about a topic you are passionate about in order to seem “woke.”

That is why talking in REAL time is important. If you can’t be in person with each other, a phone call or video date will have to suffice. To scope out the knowledge of your potential partner, try having a discussion using one of these mediums. It should be easy to see if they are being true to themselves or if they’re just trying to get in your good graces.

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