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Ok, so it’s no secret that we are living in super strange times right now. And it’s definitely having a major impact on the world of modern dating. Like, seriously, you can’t even get a drink with a rando from a dating app anymore. And now, you have to worry about a dangerous virus that spreads easily and rapidly.

Back in the good ol' days of 2019, it was easy to tell if someone was breadcrumbing you. Or in other words, stringing you along via social media. But now, how do you tell if the person you are talking to is breadcrumbing you, or if they just suck at online-talk and are waiting for this COVID outbreak to end so they can see you in person?

Every situation is different, but here are some key warning signs that will help you determine the truth in your online dating situation.

They Don’t Make Plans

Ok, so plans don’t need to be in-person to be "plans." Plans could be anything from a phone date to a video chat to just a time agreed upon when you message each other.

Dating right now is not what it looked like six months ago. People need to roll with the times and adjust to the "new normal." If your potential suitor is willing to do that and makes concrete plans with you, then they are not breadcrumbing you. They are simply adhering to the social distancing guidelines and keeping themselves AND you safe.

There's no consistency

There are a lot of people who are sitting at home bored right now. And we all know that when people are bored, they have a tendency to swipe right more than left. So, if you are dealing with someone who is super inconsistent with their communication, chances are they are only reaching out to you when they are bored.

Unless someone is dealing with mental health and self-care issues, work issues, or family issues during COVID, there is really no excuse for someone to be inconsistent with their communication. If someone is interested in you, they will find a way to let you know and to make you feel special, lockdown or not. Playing hard to get will not get you anywhere when the only source of communication is virtual.

The Messages Are Superficial

When a person’s messages are superficial, it can be disheartening. You may automatically think that the person doesn’t like you or care to get to know you. But, in these weird times, it’s not as simple as that.

Some people are just truly terrible at talking with someone online, which is a shame during this time when that is all there is. If you are interested in someone and you notice that the conversation is always superficial or surface-level, suggest having a phone call or a video chat. It’s still virtual, but some people just feel more comfortable while conversing verbally, as oftentimes people overthink how they should respond through texts and messages.

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