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Like other dating apps, Iris Dating has you make a user profile to tell other users about yourself. The significant difference between Iris Dating and other dating apps is Iris's use of AI. The AI behind Iris Dating's success is pretty wild, but we're focusing on the profile part today. Why? Your dating profile is critical to your online dating success. Without it, you wouldn't be able to get very far in a dating app.

Users May Not Reply to Your Messages

In my article Tips for an Online Dating Success, I mentioned that my future life partner's profile was pretty sparse on the first viewing. That did turn me off. It was his genuine-sounding first message to me that got me to reply. However, that might not work for everyone.

You want to at least put in a small amount of effort when writing your dating profile. You need content about yourself to have people connect with you. If my partner hadn't written me first, I would have had no idea how to engage him in a message because there wasn't anything to go off of on his profile.

Trust me, don't skimp on the profile. Even some content is better than none at all. If you have trouble writing, try looking at other dating profiles for inspiration. Please don't copy them word for word, of course. Get some ideas from them.

You Won't Get Very Far Without It

A lackluster profile won't just turn people off and make them not message you back. You probably won't get very many messages, either. If he hadn't messaged me first, we would have never ended up together. Thinking about not being with him is horrible.

Don't believe that it could happen to you? Hear me out. He found my profile first. What if it happened the other way around? Let's say I stumbled upon his first, and it only said, "I hate writing these things. Message me if you want to know something." That would have been a hard pass.

Don't sabotage your chance at happiness by being lazy. Iris uses a trust rating that rewards members who write thoughtful, descriptive "about me" sections and those who add more pictures to their profiles. Most online dating app users interested in a genuine connection want to be able to tell that you have the same goal in mind. Writing an in-depth profile about yourself and your desires for a match is the way to convey that camaraderie in finding love.

Play Hardball

Think of your Iris dating profile as a love language. Right now, your Iris profile is the only way for you to communicate with a potential partner because you don't know each other in person yet. You want your love language to sell you. You want it to be able to attract possible mates that you are compatible with, and it needs to sound like you are serious about that.

Being upfront about looking for real love is the only way to find the real thing. An image can only get you so far. It's the connection that gets you into a long-term relationship.

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