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You’ve heard of nothing but Covid for nine months. It destroyed your social life. You missed parties, concerts, birthdays, weddings. You binge-watched the Netflix library in its entirety, and you’ll burn the next jigsaw puzzle that you see. You’ve forgotten what a normal day is like.

You might be feeling bored at this point. You’re over this lifestyle, you miss your friends, and you want to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. Even so, health professionals have a piece of advice for the holidays: stay home.

One Christmas party may seem wonderful after months of quarantine, but it’s really just one party. It’s better to take the right precautions now than watch your loved ones gasping for air in the hospital because you wanted to have a drink. There is no wedding or holiday or party that is worth it right now.

One of my neighbors was recently rushed to the ICU due to Covid. He survived, but is still grappling with the effects of the virus and struggling to walk. I later learned that he had gotten Covid from his daughter, who contracted it from a Halloween party.

Boredom doesn’t excuse selfish decisions. Do the right thing and stay home. And while you're doing that, here are some ideas for how you can still have fun.


While you’re not making a whole lot of photo-worthy memories right now, you can focus on preserving the ones you do have. Hit up your local craft store for some fun paper and stickers, then customize the pages to fit some of your favorite pictures. Be sure to leave a few pages blank for when you finally are able to party again.

A Playlist A Day

Tired of the same songs on repeat? Challenge yourself to come up with a new playlist every day: mix in some old songs with a few new ones, or design a collaborative playlist with friends so you can all share music.

Swap and Toss

Most people’s closets are filled with clothes they no longer wear and have been too lazy to donate. Instead of keeping all that clutter, designate a day for you and your roommates to sort through your belongings. When you all have piles of things that you’re ready to let go of, take turns exchanging with each other. You’ll know your things are going to a good home, and you might score some cute clothes in the process!

Redecorate Your Room

You’ve stared at that blank wall every night since March. How about dressing it up? Add posters, pictures, or even paint. Rearrange your furniture, hang up some lights, and add a few plants. The more you treat your place like a permanent home instead of a temporary apartment, the happier you will feel during these long months.

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