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It’s not uncommon to wonder how many dates before relationship time when you are seeing someone you start to like a lot. However, suppose you are dead set on getting into a relationship by a certain number of dates. In that case, that's not how dating works. The answer to the question, 'when does dating become a relationship,’ varies from couple to couple.

A relationship cannot be formed by a meticulous eye on the amount of dates, but must be built upon naturally with time to get to know one another. That’s why Iris Dating puts a focus on mutual attraction, as it is a building block that can help you start the formation of a relationship.

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Can casual dating turn into a relationship? Absolutely, it can. The process takes time. Turning casual dating into a relationship isn’t defined by an exact number of dates. What turns dating into a relationship is your comfort level with one another. You must also both have the desire to be together. This is another good point as to why Iris Dating is such an innovative dating app, since there is a higher chance that you will feel mutual attraction with your match. That mutual attraction will give the users more incentive to want to get to a relationship, if the chemistry is there.

Yes, there is an average number of dates before a relationship available out there, but that can all be considered subjective. The key is to not think about how many dates before relationship. If you are both feeling a connection and having fun together, the talk about going exclusive will naturally come next.

Dating and Relationships

Remember that just because I said you shouldn't keep a track record of your dates doesn't mean you should go exclusive after a first date. When it comes to dating and relationships, that comfort factor is critical. You probably won’t achieve that comfort factor after one date.

After it’s been a while and you feel comfortable with this person, ask yourself these questions. Do you think that you are both eager to see other? Are you happy when you're with this person? Do you see a future with this person? If you answer yes to all of these questions and think your partner may feel the same, it may be time to have the exclusivity talk.

Now, we have to address the elephant in the room. You may be misreading your date, and they may not be on the same page. That's okay. It happens, and life goes on. Try again on dating apps that really care about whether you find an ideal match, like Iris Dating. The app even provides resources like Tips for an Online Dating Success.

When Does Dating Become a Relationship?

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You may be at the stage when it's time to have the exclusivity talk, and you may be nervous. That's completely normal and natural. Dating and relationships are an experience of nerves all on their own. If you have butterflies around this person, that's a good thing! However, once you feel it's time, having that talk is essential. Someone has to; otherwise, you may never know when does dating turn into a relationship.

Rejection is always a possibility, and it can hurt. It can help to look at the situation in a particular light. Regarding dating and relationships, do you want to waste time on someone who isn't really into you?


The honest answer to the question, "when does dating become a relationship, can only be answered by the parties involved. Open communication is the only way to get on the road to a loving relationship. If it doesn't work out, someone out there will think you're amazing. Who knows? You may even find them on the Iris Dating app.

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