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Valentine's Day is coming in fast. Have you asked someone to be your valentine yet? It may be easier said than done if you aren't in an already committed relationship. Let's say you've been casually seeing someone for a while and want to lock in that Valentine's Day date. When is the right time to ask and how should you ask? Should you even ask at all? The answer to these questions really depends on how well you know your intended valentine.

When is the Right Time to Ask?

When asking someone to be your valentine, a good rule of thumb is not to look too overly eager. What do I mean by that? Asking someone way in advance could make you come off as desperate. You don't want your partner to think, "Oh, wow. They must not get valentine's dates too often." It could be off-putting to them, and they may think twice about accepting it.

When do you ask someone to be your valentine, then? A reasonable estimate is a couple of months, think December or January. Doing it too late in the game can also have a negative effect. If you wait to ask in February, the object of your affection could think that they were a last resort. Or even worse, you asked a ton of people before them just to not be single on Valentine's Day.

Final answer, keep it in the months around February.

How Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

If you're unsure how to ask someone to be your valentine, you need to consider the person's preferences. Some people are timid and reserved and don't enjoy grand romantic gestures. Simply asking them quietly on a nice outing would be efficient.

Suppose you know the person you like is a diehard romantic and enjoys more creativity in romance. In that case, you can plan something more extravagant. Some simple Valentine's gifts may do the trick if they are somewhere in the middle.

Should You Even Ask Someone to be Your Valentine?

This question can get tricky if one of you is a hopeless romantic and the other is anti-Valentine’s Day. This type of situation is where the art of communication comes in.

You can always compromise and spend the day doing an activity you both enjoy. If you or your partner are uncomfortable with the romantic gestures, skip the asking altogether and just have a fun day together.

What if romantic gestures are an absolute need for someone? This need could be an issue when asking someone to be your valentine if you are not a romantic person. Once again, compromise is vital. Meet somewhere in the middle. You can do something romantic for someone without making it too extravagant.

What About First Dates on Valentine’s Day?

First dates on Valentine’s Day can be a great experience if you keep it casual. The first date is about getting to know one another and having a good time. The only romantic gesture you need is maybe paying for the meal or some flowers. It is important to note [topics to avoid on a first date link] to ensure that things go smoothly.

I hope that this article has helped you learn when it's the right time to ask someone to be your valentine. If you’re still flying solo this year, why not jump-start your romantic journey with the Iris Dating app? The app’s unique algorithms and focus on mutual attraction could make all the difference in your online dating experience.

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