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The rush of finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be severely stunted when you realize you and your lover are not on the same page. Too many elements factor into picking out a V-Day present. How long have you been together, how much longer will you be together, price, patience, and what stage in the relationship you are. To avoid awkward talks or unrequited love, follow these tips to figure out the best gift for your lover based on their sign!


Thrift shops are your best friend when it comes to getting a gift for your unique lover. Explore the shelves, and prowl the aisles something old and unseen; find something unmatched, unreproducible, and entirely individualistic for your Aquarian lover.


Fiery, passionate and fun, members of the youngest Zodiac sign crave a gift as playful as them. Try an outing to a new restaurant, an adventure in the wilderness, or spicy new genre of movie - whatever will get their heart rate up!


If you’ve been dating a Capricorn for a while, gift-giving has made you familiar with the “office supplies” section of stores. Choose balance with this one: Pick them up a pragmatic item with a fun twist, such as a stapler covered in a fun pattern, for an identity-affirming gift.


Romantic but recluse, your Taurus lover needs to be reminded of the stability of your relationship this Valentine’s season. Spring for some scrapbooking, childhood memorabilia, or a date filled with blasts from the past to keep your Earth sign lover feeling safe and swooning.


A Scorpio wants their independence and ability to make their own choices. Gift your Scorpian lover a thoughtful gift card to their favorite Etsy store, a unique clothing shop, or that restaurant they’ve always been wanting to check out.


A bold expression of intimacy will make your Virgo blossom. Right now, your Virgo lover is waiting for you to signal your willingness to dive into a deeper love. Pick an intimate idea for whatever stage you’re in: a house key, hand-holding in public, or heart on your sleeve.


Pisces are notorious lovers: They can consume your whole heart - and wallet - if you don’t watch out. Make the night all about them: Let your lover pick the restaurant, the movie, and maybe even your outfit.


Wellness, wellness, wellness: Swapping between people and personalities can cause a lot of drain for Geminis. Pick out a gift that makes sure your Gemini is taking care of their physical and mental health, such as a scented diffuser, yoga shorts, or a new cookbook.


If you are dating a Leo: my apologies to your wallet. You might be thinking of showering them with several gifts, but instead, focus on one (expensive) piece that serves as a statement of your love and an expression of their beauty.


When it comes to a serious relationship with a Cancer, you’re probably not unfamiliar with the sharing of emotions from their end. But are you doing the same? Cancers are naturally attracted to pragmatic and closed-off partners. By turning the tables, with a long letter of love, you can give Cancers the gift they always give but rarely receive.


Saps, suckers, and sweethearts, Libras will love anything with Cupid’s touch on it. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection, your Libra lover is seriously craving a box of chocolates, a plush teddy bear, or a serenading singer at dinner. Pull out all the Hallmark stops!


Volume is the key when dealing with Sagittarius. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, shower your lover with a series of small gifts. It doesn’t always have to be expensive: buy a bouquet of roses and give them one for every hour of the day. More equals more for this sign.

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