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Capricorns are known as the hustling go-getters of the zodiac. They take pride in their hard work ethic and often put their career as the focal point of their lives. This can make it hard to develop a long-lasting relationship with a Capricorn.

But, if you find yourself in a relationship with a Capricorn, consider yourself lucky. These are the most loyal, determined, and secretly romantic humans around. However, although hooking a Capricorn may feel like a big accomplishment, keeping one is an even bigger one!

With that in mind, here are somethings to to expect when dating a female Capricorn.

She’s A Workaholic

Capricorns don’t just have a job; they have a career. If you are dating a Capricorn, you best expect to be in a relationship with their career, as well. A Capricorn partner will most definitely work long nights, discuss their career goals on a daily basis, and have a hard time standing still. Go-Go-Go is their only speed!

If you don’t have ambition and clear goals, it may be hard to relate to a Capricorn’s lifestyle; however, it’s not impossible. Capricorns want to feel supported and heard when it comes to their career, so get ready to take out your pom-poms and cheer on the sideline or jump into the game and play alongside them!

She Doesn’t Play Games

The biggest thing a Capricorn female doesn’t want is someone immature. Capricorns need their partners to have their sh*t together. They have to support themselves, do their own laundry, cook for themselves, etc. Capricorns do not want to ‘baby’ anyone.

Capricorns also believe in the importance of being straightforward. They don’t tolerate silly games. If a Capricorn texts you, text them back. If they ask you a question, don’t beat around the bush. And, if they tell you something, believe that it’s true.

She Will Not Be Taken For Granted

Although a Capricorn does not want to have to ‘baby’ their partner, they find a lot of joy in taking care of their independent significant other. A surprise special date or their favorite meal is always on the agenda because even though they’re warriors, they have a soft side too.

However, Capricorns will not stand being taken for granted. They get pleasure from being appreciated in all aspects of their life, including work and personal relationships. Do not expect a Capricorn to serve you, but let them know how much it means to you when they do.

It Needs To Be 50/50 In Every Part Of The Relationship

Capricorns want a partner, a team player, and an equal. They never want to be in the backseat, and even though they like control, they don’t want someone by their side who isn’t able to take the wheel every once in a while.

When it comes to decisions, being equals is important, and so is equality in the bedroom. A Capricorn woman loves to please her partner; she is a hard worker! However, she expects it to be reciprocated. There is no slacking off in any area of a Capricorn’s life.

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