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You can learn a lot about a person on a first date: where they are from, their favorite color, what kind of human they are, all based on their drink choice. It sounds crazy, but like astrology, there is some truth to it. Next time you are on a first date, pay close attention. You may be surprised at what you find out.


Vodka drinkers are basic; they are the same people who order caesar salads for lunch.

Vodka Cranberry: Definitely owns a Patagonia vest.

Cosmo: In their forties.

Redbull and Vodka: Safe to say they are doing drugs in the bathroom.

Vodka Soda: Usually really into fitness or at least mindful of their calorie intake.

Martini: Don’t be fooled by this classy cocktail; this person is a hot mess. Martinis are 3oz of liquor.


People who drink Gin are beautiful weirdos.

Gimlet: Old Soul.

Gin and Tonic: An excellent listener.

Negronis: Trying to prove they are not boring.

Gin Martini: Unlike a Vodka Martini, people who drink Gin Martinis are actually classy and usually don’t get out much.


Hipsters or finance bros.

Whiskey Soda: Has some stories to tell…

On The Rocks: Has good taste. (unless they are drinking well liquor, then they might be an alcoholic)

Old Fashioned:  Wants you to know they are cool.

Manhattan: Knows how to spend money and will treat you right.


They know who they are and are not trying to fool anyone.

IPA: Show offs.

Pilsners and Lagers: Nice and usually hard working.

Cider: People who don’t want to drink, or who can't drink gluten, and feel like they have to order something.

Beer And Shot: You might judge them at first, but they end up being pretty cool. Typically people who work in the service industry.


Wine drinkers love to feel their feelings.

Red: Probably brought a computer to the bar.

White: For the Karens of the world. And yes, they would like to speak to the manager.

Rosé: Is trying to be happy but has emotional baggage.

Prosecco: Wants to feel special.


Tequila drinkers are trying to have a good time, whether they like you or not.

Margarita: Trying to fuck.

Tequila Soda: Will be your crazy ex.

Mezcal: Mysterious.

Shots: Just run away.


Rum drinkers are loud.

Rum And Coke: Wants to throw a party like they are still in college.

Mojito: Probably annoying. (Don’t order a mojito unless your date's on a tropical beach)

Dark ’n’ Stormy: Might be rude to the waiter.

Caipirinha: If they are ordering this Brazilian cocktail, they are super flirtatious and know how hot they are.

Mai Tai: Is this person your aunt?

Long Island Iced Tea: Really thrived in high school.


Sober or just may not drink. Probably pretty chill if they still went to a bar with you.

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