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The beginning of a new relationship can make you feel happy and high 24/7. You may even want to be glued to your boyfriend or girlfriend's hip at all times. But once the honeymoon phase dies down, it’s common for some people to lose interest.

A sudden change in heart is a complicated subject and cannot always be explained with one answer. It might be because you discovered an area of incompatibility, realize your feelings come from lust and not love, developed feelings for someone else, or don't want to commit.

Whatever the reason, there are different methods to deal with the change. Just remember to always respect your partner and their heart when deciding what to do.

Evaluate the Relationship and Yourself

Evaluate your relationship: did your dynamic change recently? Did you discover that your partner isn't the person you thought they were? Has your partner's behavior shifted?

You should also evaluate yourself. Are you ready for a relationship? Are you respecting your own boundaries?

Feelings sometimes come and go, but often they're driven by external circumstances. Upon further reflection, you may discover that your change of heart wasn't as sudden as you thought.

Have a Discussion

Communication is vital. Your new boo will probably notice that you're acting more distant — you owe them an explanation why.

Gather your thoughts before broaching the topic. Brainstorm or use a graphic organizer if you want. You should know what you want to say before going into the conversation, especially since it's a touchy subject. Remember to use "I" statements. This conversation is about how you feel and you don't want to place blame on the other person.

You can start like this: "Our time together has been a lot of fun these past few weeks, but I notice things are cooling down a little. Do you feel the same way?"

Bring Back the Spark

Maybe after evaluating your relationship and having a discussion you realize that you still care for your partner and want to get those butterflies back. If so, there are many ways couples can bring back the spark.

Engaging in deep conversation, planning an exciting date, embarking on new sexual experiences, and organizing thoughtful surprises are all ways to bring back the fireworks. People love to feel appreciated, so pay attention to your person's needs. This will help strengthen the bond you share.

Consider a Break

Maybe you tried all the options above and the feelings still aren't back. At this point, you should consider asking your partner for a break. Communicate to your partner how you feel and why you think a break is a good idea. You don't want to catch your person off guard. The purpose of a break is to work on yourself before jumping into something more serious.

If your partner isn't into the idea, maybe it's time to break things off for real. If you know in your gut that you need some time alone, it's best not to lock yourself in a relationship just because you're afraid of losing the other person. Being in a feelingless relationship isn't fair to you or your partner.

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