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With the hubbub and hullabaloo about your sun sign, it can be easy to forget the rest of your astrological chart. Perhaps most important, as we wax and vax ourselves into reentering the world after the pandemic, is our Venus sign. Like its namesake, Venus refers to all things love; sex, romance, relationships, and revelations. The planet of affection controls how we act as lovers and how we respond to instances of intimacy.

Dive into the sign that is your best match, the key to your heart, how you best show and receive love, and a sitcom character to help you get a clear idea of what kind of lover you are. A deeper understanding of your Venus sign can permit better relationships, longer happiness, and less heartbreak in your love life.


Your most compatible match is a Leo. You are fierce — and fiercely individualistic — so your partner must be confident, bold, and able to honor you. You require affection and admiration most of all — the key to your heart is someone who treats you differently than everyone else in their life. You are a lover like David Rose in Schitt's Creek; dreamy and ambitious but unconventional and erratic. You want uniqueness as much as you want a partner.


If your Venus is in Aries, you are a fun and flirtatious lover. You show your feelings by affectionately incorporating your lover into your life — introducing them to friends, family, etc. Your perfect match is a social and sweet Libra who will balance out your antics without belittling your personality. Aries Venus lovers are like Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation; they are excitable and adventurous but serious about their commitments.


Receiving love can be a challenge for Capricorn Venuses because they often feel undeserving or inadequate of affection from others. If you are a Capricorn Venus, you are a consistent and courteous lover who prioritizes your partner's well— which is why your best match is a caring Cancer. Like Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty, you are straightforward and sincere but not impervious to bouts of good old-fashioned romance.


The key to the heart of a Taurus Venus is compassion. Show a Taurus Venus your affectionate side by setting up a date with puppies, kids, or other kinds of cuteness — they will feel charmed and comforted by caring and kind people. However, be careful not to phone it in because a Taurus is very susceptible to inauthenticity in relationships. Rachel Green from Friends is a classic Taurus Venus because of her sympathy-driven, time-tested, and careful pursuit of lovers.


A person with a Scorpio Venus is an attentive but needy lover; they must be tended to routinely. If you're a Scorpio Venus, you show your love like the heart on your sleeve. Like Annie Edison in Community, they likely have high expectations you're not living up to. On the bright side, the love from a Scorpio Venus can be unwavering and limitless.


Virgo Venus needs space and a sense of stability. They receive love through concrete and consecrated boundaries that enable them to maintain independence and individuality but share a sense of intimacy, secrecy, and sympathy with another person. A Virgo Venus's best match is a Scorpio because they can weather their moods while still making Virgos feel loved. Mad Men's Don Draper, a classic Virgo Venus, is highly characteristic of the distant but dedicated lover.


The key to your heart is PDA. Openness with the body and the brain is essential to any Pisces Venus relationship. You are not a stranger to airing your grievances or expressing your affections online or in a public space. This might be why your best match is a Taurus — who also needs consistent validation in relationships. Jake Peralta, from Brooklyn 99, exemplifies Pisces Venuses' need to give and receive love in a mutually beneficial — and arguably exhibitionist — way.


It's easy to assume that all Gemini Venus' are cheaters, but that's not true. It is fair, however, to say that Gemini's Venus' are indecisive, second-guessing, and constantly evolving lovers. Angela from The Office is a Gemini Venus because of her inability to state her preference regarding her relationships; Gemini Venuses often have to choose between exciting and new or comfortable in old. Because of this, Gemini Venuses can be slow to warm and quick to distrust. When they open up, they show it authentically and fully trust their lover. In this regard, you can take your time and check out one of our recent articles about the characteristics of dating a Gemini woman.


Leo Venus lovers are not to be dismissed. High maintenance? Maybe. A lot? Definitely. The most luxuriously exquisite lover of your life? Likely. Schmidt from New Girl is a furiously passionate lover — who is confident in the beauty, brains, brawn, and brilliance of his partner and himself. He religiously values his partners and prioritizes both parts of the relationship equally. A Leo Venus lover, like Schmidt, will make you feel like a million bucks every day of the week.


Put shortly and sweetly; you are Abbott Elementary's Janine Teagues. Emotionally invested and ambitiously idealistic, Cancer Venuses are timid but certain of your feelings. The key to your heart is someone who is just as lovable, loving, and lovely as you.


Venus Libras are the most romantic sign. Libra is ruled by Venus and thus very keen on all things love. But they can be just as tentative as they are romantic — in other words, very. Michael Bluth, from Arrested Development, is constantly trying to choose between family and love, work and love, himself and love, and even love and love. Libras show their love widely and with all people, but they also need their partners' patience and receptivity regarding expressions of affection.


A Sagittarius Venus is Homer Simpsons. Don't get me wrong — I'm not saying you're a neglectful husband — instead that you are an adventurous, exceptionally daring, and fearless lover. You encapsulate the adage "never a dull moment" and interrupt daily mundanity with endurance for excitement. You go on unique dates and push boundaries. You might mess up a lot in your relationships, but you always know how to make your lover feel valued no matter what.

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