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With the abundance of bite-size social media, it seems like everyone from tweens to thirty-somethings is living their best life online. To navigate the increasingly complex and convoluted world of web wellness, one almost needs a doctorate in gua shas to know what they’re doing. Luckily, there are six letters in TikTok and six steps to using the social media platform to transform your life, invigorate your happiness, and craft the future you want.

1. Find your niche

Are you a workout baddie? A smoothie sweetheart? Could you be one of those inspirational quote people or a young professional? Discern which kind of wellness is achievable and accessible for you. Whatever you choose, find 5-6 accounts that speak to the vision and embody your goals.

2. Plan

Prioritize what is important to you in accomplishing and prioritizing this wellness lifestyle goal. Do you need new clothes? To purge your home? A better morning routine or to get to bed earlier? Figure out what changes you need to make and write down the necessary steps. Planning prepares you for life changes and sets you up for success.

3. Edit

Delete the parts of your current lifestyle and routine incompatible with your wellness vision. Do you have a surplus of ill-fitting clothes? 200 sticky notes spilling from your binder? A dirty room that always gets under your skin? These emotional drags on your life can prevent you from attaining your dream wellness lifestyle. Take time to eradicate these burdens from your life.

4. Implement

Set up a plan that promises progress. A habit tracker, multiple phone alarms, or colorful wall art — whatever helps you stay regular and honest about your wellness is essential to consistent and continued implementation.

5. Encourage

Growing tired of strenuous workouts or sick of the taste of blended kale can be easy. We are humans, after all. Don’t deprive yourself of a sugar snack if you are on a food cleanse, and don’t let your face routine keep you from spending a day in the sun. Use the TikTok accounts you earmarked as inspiration to stimulate lifestyle goals, but don’t use them as a reason to withhold joy from yourself. Reward yourself for your investment in yourself.

6. Reflect

An essential part of achieving your goals is articulating that you’ve achieved them. There are three people you need to share with: Yourself, strangers, and your loved ones. You need to be proud of yourself. If you are journaling your way to wellness, use an entry to brag to yourself about your commitment. If you feel comfortable, recruit family or friends to partake in wellness challenges alongside you. Or perhaps, return to TikTok to document your changes and be an inspiration to others. By celebrating your accomplishments with others, you can share your concerns and spread your joys.

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