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We all know the ups, downs, and anxiousness of dating apps. Meeting a million men can seem like an impossible and scary task, but it’s not. You might meet a million men on dating apps, make millions of mistakes, and mend a million broken hearts — and that’s good. The important thing is that each swipe, match, and crush can teach you something, and it is important to not get discouraged. If you want help finding happiness, you might benefit from a dating app — and give or take a million men — to navigate it. Meeting a million men can do a lot of things, such as…

You learn how to flirt.

If I was using the same moves today that I used on my high school boyfriend, men would be running away in droves. Learning how to flirt, court, and have fun is a critical part of dating — and can only truly be attained through practice. Similarly, kissing, crushing, and cuddling are best learned through hands-on experience and taste-testing different guys.

You expand your horizons.

Again, if you ask high school Flo who the hottest guy on earth was, she’d probably say some bookish boy from her Biology class. Dating more guys can enable you to expand your worldview and innovate your standards of beauty and attraction. Having drinks with new men can show you that you like passionate activists, Taurus types, or guys with many sisters. Living is learning in the case of dating.

You get stories if nothing else.

Whether it’s movie night with the girls or I’m meeting new friends at bars, I have a pocketful of bad date stories or lost love lamentations that send any conversation into a fit of laughter. I have ice breakers, quips, and orations about my dating app experiences that can turn even the most boring conversations into a riot fest. And I’m not alone! Austin always loves telling the story of his and David’s raucous first date, Jessica talks about the guy who tried footsie in the first five minutes, and Priya laments about the engineer who couldn’t talk about anything besides spark plugs. Part of life is this hilarious collection of stories.

You will learn what it’s like to love…

There is something pure and unique about igniting affection for another person. It can make you more eager, empathetic, or experienced — altogether a more rounded out person. Dating a million men can send you a stomach of butterflies or allow you to explore yourself. Learning to love another person is an adventure — not an obligation — and a million men will give you a million adventures.

…and be loved.

You might not be soul mates, and you might not end up together, but you might have an enormously enjoyable walk through the park or a night of passion that validates you as a human, a lover, and a heartthrob. Dating a million men means a million chances to be loved by a new person. If you're ready to date, download iris today.

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