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I love a good Tik Tok just as much as the next gal. I still post on Facebook even though I know it’s old news at this point. Don’t even get me started on the hours I spend scrolling Instagram looking at everything from baked goods to adorable puppies.

But I often wonder, is all this time I’m spending on social media helping me or hurting me?

Sure, puppy posts and impersonation videos are awesome, but my feeds are also full of curated pics preaching perfect lives, political black holes, and other posts that often leave me feeling worse than when I first log on. And I know I’m not alone.

Are you worried about your scrolling habits?

Here are a few warning signs that you might need a break from social media:

1) You Scroll. A lot.

This study found that the average person interacts with their smartphone 2,617 times per day. That’s a lot of texting, scrolling, clicking, and posting. Wonder what your average is? Your phone can tell you. If your screen time data is alarmingly high, take a break.

2) You Scroll Without Thinking

How many times a day do you find yourself pausing work, grabbing your phone, and scrolling through Intsa before you even realize what you’re doing? Social media platforms are the new smoke break. And just like smoking, they’re super bad for us, especially if we do it too much or mindlessly.

3) You’re Always Comparing

Everyone knows that social media isn’t real. But somehow, we still find ourselves comparing our lives to the glossy, curated ones we see online. No one looks that good in a candid photo! If you find yourself competing with people’s lives or always comparing your experiences to someone else’s, it might be time to take a step back.

4) You Lose it When You’re Disconnected

How long can you go without tweeting or checking your timeline? Do you start to get antsy or anxious if too much time passes between posts? If you’re not able to step away from social media without feeling separation anxiety, you need to set up a forced separation.

5) Everything on Your Feed Annoys You

We’ve all gotten worked up over a post, but when you’re getting super pissed or annoyed all the time, you might have gotten too into the doomscrolling.

6) You Can’t Do Something Without Posting

Real life is better than social media, but a lot of people have trouble enjoying real life because they’re too busy trying to snap pics for their feeds. Can you put your phone down at a birthday party or dinner out? Are you able to enjoy a wedding or other special event without posting about it?

7) Your Phone is Your Morning and Night

Another study found that 80% of people with smartphones checked their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning. The study then linked that habit to increased anxiety, depression, and stress. Yikes. Plus, looking at your phone right before bed has also been linked to poorer sleep quality.

If any of these warning signs are resonating with you, it might be time to take a break from social media. At least try a week or two without the apps on your phone, just to see what happens. You might be surprised at how much better you feel.1)

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