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Let’s be real, breakups suck. No matter who decides to say goodbye, or even if the goodbye is mutual, there is always some healing to be done. A lot of people jump on the rebound train, but it's unclear whether that is a healthy choice or not.

Rebounds have become a norm in the relationship cycle. But are they really beneficial to making us forget what’s-their-name? Or are they hurting us more than we realized and delaying our healing process?

Why rebounds are not always healthy

When you think "rebound", you probably think of something hot, steamy and almost entirely sexual. However, in a lot of cases, sex is the last thing you need during a transitional period like a heartbreak.

Opening yourself up physically to another person quickly after calling it quits with your boo can make you feel emotionally vulnerable. You use sex to fill the void from your ex while repressing your negative emotions about the split. This could result in trauma and slow down your healing.

Taking this transitional time for yourself can feel transformative. You will be able to focus on yourself. You’ll also be able to examine why the past relationship wasn’t successful, so that you become more mindful when entering your next one.

But if you are dead set on getting back out there and you think a rebound would help you to move on faster, then you’ll be interested in hearing the pros of that steamy late-night hookup.

Why rebounds can be healthy

1) It can make the transition easier

If you are used to being around your significant other every day, then it can be hard to endure the sudden change of being single. Of course, most of us have friends and family to rely on, but that special bond between two lovers is different from what our platonic loved ones can give us.

Having a hookup or two or five during a breakup can make you feel that you are not alone. Even having someone to text can make a huge difference.

2) It's fun

If you were in a relationship for a while, then you probably forgot how fun it is to flirt and date other people. Of course, a romp in the sheets is great, but so is a coffee date and a "good morning" text.

Rebounds could be exactly what you need. They are typically not serious, and the go-with-the-flow nature tends to appeal to someone who just ended a long-term relationship. Having fun with a rebound is completely normal and encouraged, as long as the other person knows your intentions and you communicate openly about your expectations.

3) It lets you explore

A rebound can serve as an opportunity to explore new types of partners. Maybe there is a reason you and your ex weren’t compatible. Dating other people will shed light on what kind of person you want to be with in the future.

You may find yourself gravitating towards someone like your ex, but be mindful of who you spend time with. This is your chance to date people you normally wouldn’t jump into a relationship with. Who knows? You may find one that sticks while you’re playing the field!

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