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I think we can all agree that 2020 should be forgotten and left for dead. We are moving onto bigger and better things in 2021. Hopefully with more socialization and less illness and devastation. And, with any luck, the dating scene will become more physical with in-person dates, rather than the virtual dates we’ve all been enduring. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet.

The pandemic is still happening and we must all be careful not to spread the virus. But just because we are still in the 2020 pandemic, doesn’t mean we have to stay in our personal 2020 mindset.

2021 is offering us a chance, as daters, to take a look at our old habits and break them. We can replace our habits with the wisdom to enhance and succeed in our dating lives. Here are some New Year’s love life goals you should consider moving forward.

Learn To Take It Slow

Learning to take it slow can be difficult, especially if you are used to always being in a relationship. But this year, it’s all about taking your time.

The pandemic actually helped singles get to know each other before jumping into something serious, as daters were forced to talk virtually and distantly rather than in-person, when temptation can takeover.

Slowing it down can allow you to not only get to know each other better but also allows both of you to communicate your needs and desires before deciding if you want to make the leap into an official duo. This can help you to avoid a lot of heartbreak in 2021.

Don’t Settle

Of course, you’ve probably heard this before from all of your friends, but it’s something that we still need to remind ourselves of: Don’t settle.

Although it’s natural to want to create a connection, you can’t force it. And, you can’t take less than what you need or want. A relationship should add to your life and enhance it. It shouldn’t leave you wanting more. So before you say "yes" to a date with Mike, Dave, or Katie, make sure they are who you’re looking for and what you need in your life at this time.

Be Kind To Yourself

Dating can take a real toll on your ego and mental health. A lot of times people attack themselves with negative thoughts when things don’t go as planned. But usually, these things are out of our control.

If someone cancels, “ghosts” you, or simply doesn’t feel the same way, it’s easy to blame yourself. But that's not a healthy way to cope. It’s important that we remain gentle with ourselves. Dating is a trial-and-error game and we need to keep playing without breaking ourselves down in the process.

Date Outside Your “Type”

If 2020 dating didn’t go so well, then it might be a sign you should switch it up in the new year. Dating outside your usual “type” may be a good starting place.

For example, perhaps you usually go for the athletic and adventurous type, but you’re having no luck. It might be time to say “yes” to a date with that nerdy co-worker of yours who is always going on about the new tech gadget coming to the market. Sure, he may not be on your radar now, but a date or two with him and you could be swooning!

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