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Wedding season — generally between June and September — is PACKED with couples tying the knot. Duh, that’s why it’s called “wedding season.” But wedding season 2020? Not so much. In fact, a lot of couples postponed their big day to avoid the ‘rona, and most of them pushed it back to 2021.

This means we’re in the middle of probably the busiest, craziest, most intense wedding season of all time. All the 2020 weddings plus all the 2021 weddings = insanity.

Weddings are mostly super fun. Wearing pretty clothes? Yes. Hanging with your friends and family? Double yes. Dancing and drinking? Triple quadruple yes. But weddings can also be expensive, exhausting, and socially overwhelming.

These tips will help you survive wedding season.

Don't stress about your relationship status

Sure, your college roomie or second cousin is getting married while you are as single as the Pope is Catholic, but that doesn’t mean you have anything to be ashamed of. Rock that solo status and tell your Great Aunt Mildred to piss off when she asks when you’re getting married.

Budget for gifts

From the plane tickets and hotel stays to outfits and gifts, weddings are expensive. All that really adds up when you’re attending multiple weddings in one summer. While you can’t change the fact that Stacy from high school is getting married in Hawaii and you live in NYC, you can be in control of how much you spend on her wedding gift. Make a budget, stick with it, and don’t worry if other people buy something pricier than you do.

Repeat outfits

Do not bother buying a new outfit for every single wedding. Ain’t nobody got the time or the budget for that nonsense. Invest in one or two super awesome looks and rock them again and again. No one will care or notice.

Find a plus one buddy

Single? Find a friend whose equally unattached and be Plus One Buddies! They attend the weddings you've been invited to, and you attend theirs.

Befriend your table

Can’t find a Plus One Buddy? Attend the wedding solo and make friends with the people sitting at your table. The couple probably sat you with them for a reason, so lean into it and make new friends.

Don't be that guy

Sure, you + tequila = great times, but that’s not the look you want for someone’s wedding. Have some fun, but keep it classy. Wedding pics last forever.

Rise above the drama

Weddings can be even more stressful if they’re for family. If your loved ones tend to bring the crazy, do your best to rise above the drama. Avoid getting involved as much as you can, and if you can’t avoid, be diplomatic.

It's okay to say no

Finally, you don’t have to attend every single wedding you’re invited to. In fact, if your summer is being swallowed whole by white dresses and signature cocktails, you probably should RSVP no to one or two. You deserve a few weekends to yourself.

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