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Our horoscope sign has abundant positive characteristics, enviable aspects, and wonderful ways. But, along with that, you’ve got a few terribly toxic traits. Whether or not you like it, you and your sign have some work to do.

How might you handle these? How do you heal and manage stress? Here are some concrete ways to work on your horoscope’s most toxic traits this month. Could you use this as genuine self-reflection? Maybe. Will you send it to your friends and say “OMG you” instead? Hopefully.


There is no one like you. You like the most obscure bands and have the coolest clothing finds. And you always make sure everyone knows it —always. Your constant quest to be unique can be a source of envy or annoyance for others. Be careful not to prioritize personal distinction over empathy. Take time every day to compliment a person and honor their uniqueness alongside yours.


Your penchant for fun and spontaneity can enable you to accidentally break a few hearts and step on a few toes. Are you always running late to meetings? Do you routinely forget to respond to texts? Do you have a bad habit of letting secrets slip behind someone’s back? Whether or not you realize it, these tiny instances of inadvertent carelessness can pile up with the people you love. This month, try out a new calendar or scheduling system that keeps you accountable for keeping meetings and respecting others’ time.


As a Capricorn, you might be tired of hearing that you’re pragmatic, responsible, and competitive. Well, it’s true. But you’re also emotionally capable and careful with whom you share yourself. You can be problematically possessive, especially in your social circles. Begin by reflecting on when you’ve inadvertently hurt a loved one and then make intimacy amends:

  • Apologize for times you’ve blown your cool.
  • Extend an olive branch to an old friend.
  • Forgive others for things you haven’t forgotten.


Whether you’re disorganized by nature or religiously rely on color coordination, you are allowing many things to take up attention - and it shows. You need to focus. Choose one person, one place, one policy, or one principle to orient yourself around every day: Wake up and decide to focus on cleanliness, for example, and allow that intention to inform your whole day. This can calibrate and redirect your constantly chaotic life.


Did you know: You tend to show your moody side. While this might not be news to you, it is difficult for others to endure. You can shut down conversations or blow up relationships, all because of how you are feeling on one particular day. Fix this by partaking in some social investing: On days when you are feeling particularly good, remind friends that you love them, clients that they are valued, and colleagues that you like working with them. This way, you build a nest egg for yourself on days when the sad side of your Scorpio takes over.


As a Pisces, you’re undoubtedly familiar with being the center of attention and star in the room—mostly in unconventional ways. You often establish your presence through loud opinions and a quiet voice. This month stop focusing on being in control of the room and begin believing in the balance of life. Stop acting like your life will be over if someone else gets more laughs, applause, or interest than you. This month, humble yourself: Acknowledge one thing you are bad at and one thing you are good at every morning.


Are you capable of making a commitment? It can be easy to swing from side to side; friend to foe, rumor to a refuge. Build yourself a backbone this month by making concrete decisions whenever possible — no matter how big or small. Don’t just suggest a place for dinner —declare where you want to eat. Don’t signal your feelings — express them loudly and often. Don’t hold back — hold your genuine opinions up high.


News flash: Your friends, family, coworkers, and clients have opinions that matter just as much as yours. You might think that being staunchly stern in your beliefs is a good thing —and it can be — but not allowing anyone to influence your opinions is an easy way to isolate yourself from everyone. You can learn a lot from others. This month, directly and sincerely ask people in your life: “I’m not sure how I feel about this topic. Can you share your thoughts with me?”


Own who you are but also be open to criticism. You are incredibly in touch with your emotions, but often, that can make you more concerned with your own tears than someone else’s. Do not punish yourself for emotions, instead ask others to share their sorrows, sadness, surprises, and more with you. Implore others as much as you express yourself.


When you see yourself as a beacon of beauty, it’s easy to think everyone is against you. Resist the urge to assume the worst in people — to believe that you are the subject of attack. Instead, focus on how someone’s words or actions extend their beliefs. In other words, consider that people have things going on in their life that aren’t rotating around you. This month, get comfortable saying to yourself, “is this possibly not about me?” And respond with the appropriate care and consideration for others.


First of all: Stop thinking about that barista you saw this morning. They’re not in love with you; they just smile at everyone. Second: You are immensely dependent on others’ opinions of you. You often find yourself in situations where you help people but are driven not by empathy or earnestness but rather by the thrill of being liked. Take time this month to journal about your manipulative traits —even if unintentional —and how they are costing you your happiness and peace of mind.


You tend to think the world revolves around you, which often manifests itself in how you occasionally treat others with carelessness. Train yourself to think about your words before you say them. Your adventurous spirit and eagerness to converse can lead you into the bad habit of speaking before you think. Don’t get sucked into a battle of bitchiness: Take a breath before responding to things that make you angry and figuring out how to be diplomatic instead of reactionary.

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