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Introduction: Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be challenging to define with just one word. The ancient Greeks identified multiple types of love, each capturing a different aspect of human connection and affection. At Iris Dating, we recognize the importance of these various types of love and how they enrich our lives. Let's explore these different kinds of love and how Iris Dating uses AI to help you find meaningful connections, making us the modern-day Eros.

Eros: The Spark of Attraction

Eros is the type of love that most closely resembles what Western cultures now view as romantic love. Derived from the Greek word "erotas," which translates to “intimate love,” Eros encompasses sexual chemistry and desire. It’s the spark that ignites when you see someone attractive, creating an instant reaction that’s hard to ignore.

The ancient Greeks had mixed feelings about Eros. While it could lead to passionate and intense relationships, it was also seen as dangerous due to the loss of control it often involved. Plato, however, offered a deeper perspective on Eros. He believed it to be a common desire that seeks transcendental beauty, where the particular beauty of an individual reminds us of the true beauty that exists in the world of Forms or Ideas. 

At Iris Dating, we understand that Eros is an essential component of any romantic relationship. Our AI-driven platform focuses on this type of attraction, helping you find matches that spark that initial chemistry and lead to deeper connections.

Agape: Unconditional Love

Agape is often referred to as universal love, charity, or altruism. This type of love is more abstract and involves selflessly giving love to others, regardless of your relationship with them. Agape is about helping others, cooperating, and doing good deeds without expecting anything in return.

In modern times, Agape can be seen in acts of kindness, volunteer work, and other selfless behaviors. It’s the type of love that contributes to overall well-being and mental health, as studies show that giving love and expecting nothing in return can reduce stress and increase happiness.

At Iris Dating, we believe that incorporating Agape into your relationships can lead to more fulfilling and balanced connections. By valuing and practicing this type of love, you can enhance your interactions with others and build a supportive and loving community.

Philos: The Bond of Friendship

Philos, or brotherly love, is the type of love that exists between friends. It’s about showing loyalty, making sacrifices, and appreciating others without any romantic or sexual involvement. Philos is considered the ideal love by many Greeks, as it involves mutual respect and admiration.

Philos is not just about emotional bonds but also about intellectual engagement and shared values. This love thrives on a sense of equality and mutual benefit, making it an essential part of human social interactions. Unlike Eros, which can be fleeting and intense, Philos is stable and enduring, providing a strong foundation for relationships.

At Iris Dating, we encourage users to seek Philos in their relationships. Building a strong foundation of friendship can lead to more lasting and meaningful romantic relationships.

Other Ancient Greek Loves

The ancient Greeks identified other types of love that further illustrate the richness of human connections:

  • Storge: This love refers to the natural affection between parents and children. It’s an innate, often unconditional love that signifies deep familial bonds.
  • Philautia: Self-love, which can be both positive and negative. Healthy Philautia means having a strong sense of self-worth and compassion for oneself. Unhealthy Philautia, however, can lead to vanity and selfishness.
  • Xenia: Known as guest-friendship, Xenia encompasses hospitality and the generosity shown to strangers. This type of love underscores the importance of kindness and reciprocity in social interactions.


Understanding the various types of love—Eros, Agape, Philos, and others—can provide valuable insights into your relationships and help you find more meaningful connections. At Iris Dating, we combine the science of attraction with these timeless concepts to enhance your dating experience. Whether you’re looking for the passionate spark of Eros, the selfless giving of Agape, or the loyal companionship of Philos, our platform is here to help you discover all facets of love.

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