Dating and Relationship Advice

Sometimes it can be a mystery what men want. Here at EQ, we're always curious to find out what really matters to guys when finding the ideal female partner. So, we went out and asked them!

These are the responses we got:

“So first thing, there has to be a natural flow of conversation. If we don’t have that in the beginning it’s just not going to be a match for me. No harm no foul. Along with that, there has to be humor. That’s super-duper important. I feel like if you can laugh and chill together then you’ve found someone worth starting something with rather than just a hookup. I mean, there also has to be attraction and sexual compatibility, but I feel like those are a given” - Sam, 30

“Funny, caring, kind, and gets along with my friends and family. There has to be a 50/50 effort and 70/30 on the bad days. You know, a team player.” - Colby, 28

“For me, I have to be attracted to the person. That includes both personality and physical traits. Someone who's willing to build a life with me. Someone who can work through issues and doesn’t just bail when relationships have their low points.” - Keanu, 28

“I think what I look for in a woman is no different from what I look for in a friend: trust, respect, understanding, and compassion.” - Zach, 29

“I look for someone who doesn't try to make me feel like I should be anyone other than who I am. I think the reason my now-girlfriend and I have been going strong is that we've been completely open with each other from the start. She checks me when I need it, and there are definitely times when I do need it. I love that she understands my neuroses. She's supportive of my career. She loves cuddling. She puts up with my dad jokes, while at the same time not judging me for not wanting children.” - Matt, 37

“I actively look for someone who is patient. I’m a goofy dude so I need a lady who can keep up with that.” -  Lewis, 31

“It sounds cheesy but I look for someone I can be myself with. Like my girlfriend right now. She and I just vibe really well. We crack jokes with each other and we act goofy, even though it’s still early in the relationship.” - Zach, 19

“A sense of humor and the ability to surprise me.” - Henry, 28

“I've been single for over four years, so I guess I've had a lot of time to think about this. It's definitely a case of meeting someone with common interests. With my exes, the initial relationship was started because of looks, but once the 'honeymoon period' was over I found that we argued a lot because we were into different things—whether that be TV shows, movies, music, or our outlook on life. So, I’m looking for someone with a similar maturity level to me who doesn't take life too seriously. Someone to share adventures with. Someone who can be my biggest fan, and vice versa. We can support each other and push each other to achieve our goals, personally and professionally.” - Danny, 30

“Good role model for my daughter,  no criminal record,  no facial hair. That's pretty much it.” - Buck, 30

“What I look for in a partner is someone who I am attracted to in a balanced way... meaning I have some physical attraction but mostly the natural connection that I would like to find. I can always tell when I click with a person because they click back and I am usually feeling that out early enough to know if I should continue any sort of movement forward. In basic terms: the physical and natural connections are intertwined with me. That being said, I’m never closed off to anything outside this realm but these would just be my initial starting points.” - Adam, 29

“Someone who likes doing the things that I enjoy and that gives us extra time together where we can have fun. Sexy looks. Financially independent, so she can help out with things. Someone who likes to joke around and keep things light. No baggage.” - Mike, 63

I look for kindness and humor in a woman. If she can make me laugh and isn't an asshole, then I'm pretty set.” - Sean, 27

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