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Oh, boy, this one is going to be fun. Gather around kiddies, and your friendly Iris Dating writer will tell you about a little film. If you click on my fun little link, that is where the term fatal attraction started.

Don’t Get Iris Dating Confused with Fatal Attraction

Please don't get our saying, “start with attraction,” confused with Fatal Attraction. We don’t want you to go “fatal attraction” on people and end up putting someone’s pet rabbit in a microwave. We just want you to use attraction as a building block to a successful relationship.

Unfortunately, some less-than-reputable people out there will ruin things for everyone by trying to start an affair. There's no way to stop that. If you encounter someone like that and find out what their up to, move on to another match. You can also report their profile. Don't be Glenn Close in this situation.

What’s the Deal with Fatal Attraction?

For those that didn’t click on the fun link and have never seen the film, the Fatal Attraction movie is what made the term famous. I also see in my research that there will be a television series. However, for the sake of this article, we will focus on where it all began.

The film follows a married man (Dan) that has a one-night stand with a woman named Alex (played by Glenn Close). Long story short, Alex turns out to be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and tries to murder Dan and his family when he won't continue the affair.

Before I go any further, I know it's taboo to use terms like that against people with mental illness. However, Alex is not real, and anyone that takes an obsession that far doesn't deserve much sympathy. I wouldn't describe an actual person that didn't try to hurt anyone in this manner. Getting back to the heart of the matter, what does all this mean?

"Fatal Attraction" is a pretty term to describe a flirtation or relationship concluding in a fatality to one or both parties. For example, many true crime documentaries might describe relationships that went down this twisted path. Let me be perfectly clear. Iris Dating does not want your relationship to mirror Fatal Attraction.

Don’t be Afraid of Attraction

Iris Dating’s primary goal is to help users find their soul mates by using attraction as a starting point. We don't want you to be afraid of attraction. Iris Dating is committed to making your experience on our app as safe as possible.

If someone on the app starts harassing you, report them. We will see to it that the issue is resolved immediately.

Iris Dating wants you to feel safe while you are using the app. Everyone must cooperate to achieve that. Don't be a Glenn Close to others, and don't let people go "fatal attraction" on you. If they do, report, report, report! As a final suggestion, we wouldn't recommend the Fatal Attraction film on a first date.

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