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I like wearing makeup, but I’ve recently been wearing less. I’ve found it takes less time in the morning to get ready, and I like the fresh-faced feeling when I’m out in public. Overall, it makes me feel better.

I’ve gone makeup-free so much lately that I’ve started to get comments from friends and family. A woman I work with mentioned that she could never go makeup-free, which got me thinking: why?

While it hasn’t always been safe (using lead to paint your face? Crushing up bugs to smear on your eyes?), makeup has made a massive impact on our culture. From beauty influencers to bigger brush kits, there’s no denying that makeup has been been used for looking good, creating characters for movies, and covering up the tiniest breakouts on our skin. It’s become a societal expectation to be dolled up for a night out, a day at the office, or downtime with your friends. Even spending time with your significant other can require a full hour of preparation.

There’s no shame in wearing makeup. It does not mean that you are shallow or insecure. Some people find that a certain product brings out their best features and helps them exude confidence. Others like to treat makeup as a physical form of art. There is no shame in looking and feeling your best. But you should remember that even the most perfect shade of foundation and the plumpest mascara wand won’t make see the best features in yourself.

Consider going makeup-free. Wash your face and moisturize, but leave the brushes and concealer in the bag. Seeing yourself without the highlights may seem strange and even going out in public may seem daunting. Remember that this is you, and that's beautiful enough.

If you don’t see the beauty in yourself, how do you expect others to? Confidence can’t be bought, but it can be learned by seeing the good in yourself. If you’re so worried of what others think of your no-makeup look, it’s not their problem. No matter what you tell yourself, they probably won't notice the unconcealed blemishes or the non-contoured face.

Not only will you see a change in yourself, you’ll also see a change in your wallet. It’s no secret that makeup products are pricey, and they are also small and run out quickly. Taking a break from them will allow you to ration out the current amount and not feel pressured to use every ounce of it.

I used to put on makeup before I went to work, until I realized that I wasn't doing it for myself. It occurred to me that I liked the way I looked without it and that I didn’t feel the need to go all out just to do my job. Once you see the beauty in your own face, the pencils and wands don’t need to do the work for you.

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