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A first impression is everything, whether it’s in a work situation, a dating situation, or a meet-the-parents situation. Whatever predicament you’re in, it’s mission-critical that you knock the socks off someone with that first hello, smile, and handshake.

According to psychology, a lot goes into what makes a good first impression—from personal choices such as hairstyle and wardrobe to more subconscious choices such as facial expression and body language. For example, a study in April 2011’s publication of Social Influence concluded that a limp handshake gives off the impression of passiveness, which is definitely not something you want to portray.

Especially in the modern dating scene, quality first impressions are crucial. Today, first impressions often start with your dating profile or a text. Very rarely are first impressions actually in person. So, how can you be sure to make a good one?

Opening lines are the doorway to the heart and the mind. If you don’t have a good opening line, then the chances of you actually getting to meet that special someone in person is slim to none. A good opening line should intrigue the person by either engaging with them, making them laugh, or sharing something fun or valuable with them.

Here are some of our favorite opening line styles that will be sure to impress. So, you can forget about that “Hey, how are you?” line because, seriously, it never works.

The “Did You Know?” Line

This opening line doesn’t always have to start with the words, “did you know,” but the true essence of the line must be present. Basically, the purpose of this line is to share a fun fact or piece of content with the other person that based on their dating profile, you think they would find interesting.

This technique is genius because it lets them know that you are paying attention to what they like and enjoy and it also opens up the gates to conversation. Of course, if it’s something you can’t confidently talk about or you’re not truly interested in, then it’s a wasted cause. Make sure to choose a fact or piece of content that you can easily converse with them on. Who knows? This might lead to finding some hidden chemistry.

The “I Noticed” Line

This line is probably one of the most widely-used lines, but that’s because it’s one that’s bound to be successful. People absolutely love when you notice little things about their photos in their dating profiles such as where you were traveling or how you smiled. By pointing out something in an “I noticed” fashion, you will quickly gain the attention of the person you “noticed.”

Seriously, it’s no secret that people love talking about themselves, so if you say something like, “I noticed in that picture of you in France that you were with a group of people who were all wearing the same shirt. Were you there on a volunteer mission? Or maybe with work?”

A question like this shows an interest in their life and hobbies. It also allows for further conversation about subjects a little deeper than what’s on Netflix.

The “Make Them Laugh” Line

They say a way to a person’s heart is through laughter, and they (whoever ‘they’ are) are definitely not wrong! A great big belly laugh when you first meet someone helps you to feel at ease and relaxed in the conversation, which will allow you to open up more.

So, do your potential partner a favor and give them one before they can give you one. Knowing that you made them laugh will also help you to feel more confident in the conversation. Making someone laugh, of course, is not always easy. Everyone has a different sense of humor. But, by checking out their profile, and using your best judgment and wit, we’re sure you can come up with something brilliant.

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