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People from all over the world flock to New York City for its bustling city life and diverse populace. As a result, it's almost impossible to pinpoint a "typical New Yorker." However, there tend to be a few patterns that pop up, especially when you narrow it down to just Manhattan. So to start off, here is the rundown of the five straight couples you'll inevitably meet if you live in this city long enough.

1) The finance bro + marketing gal

He makes a lot of money. She also makes a lot of money. They swap tips on MBA applications and the best pedicurists in Gramercy. They identify as liberal but not leftist. Marketing gal has a slight inferiority complex about attending a lesser university than finance bro. Their families live in Scarsdale, Greenwich, or the Upper East Side. They knew it was love at first sight when discovering that they had the exact same "top five ski resorts" list. Their go-to date spot? Whatever three-dollar-sign restaurant is featured in the Times that week.

2) The photographer + the influencer

She blogs about boutique stores in NYC, and his Instagram feed is basically dedicated to whatever she doesn't feel like posting on her main. He has about one tenth of the Instagram followers she does and it never causes problems. This couple spends most of their time in the East Village, particularly in trendy coffee shops. They like to share beanies.

3) The lawyer + the lawyer

They met in law school and were attracted to each other's impeccable diction and equally detail-oriented personalities. Law school male always knew he'd work in Big Law, and law school female briefly dabbled in public interest law before calculating how long it'd take to pay off her loans. This couple may appear similar to finance bro + marketing gal at first glance, but there's an easy trick to tell them apart: lawyer man wears less hair gel and lawyer female wears more pantsuits than their counterparts.

4) The artist + techy

They surprisingly have a lot in common: weird hours, quirky co-workers, and a knack for aesthetics. Techy adds some financial stability to artist's life, and artist adds some spice to techy's life. They both wear clothes that look like they're from the 1970s, but only one of them is doing it on purpose. They met on Hinge and spent their first date at a grungy dive bar.

5) The writer + the teacher

This couple lives in a cozy studio on the Upper West Side and adopted one or two cats together. They share the desire to pursue what they are passionate about despite living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. They wear clear frame Warby Parker glasses and gift each other chunky sweaters for Christmas. Their couple friend is the artist + techy.

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