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Your playful persona. Aries can alter the energy of a room by simply entering it. When a person strolls in with a new idea for a game, a fascinating topic of discussion, or an anecdote that you “just won’t believe,” you’ve found an Aries.


Your eyes. Whether rolling them, adoringly gazing or giving a death stare, Pisces’s eyes communicate their entire sense of self. When a Pisces enters the room, you can tell who they are and what they’re thinking through the winks and blinks of their eyes.


Your polishedness and composure. The details of your look are immaculate, and the poise of your presentation is unparalleled. Capricorns never leave the house without a chin up and a confident posture. Deduce who in the room is a Capricorn by identifying the person with the most put-together vibe.


Your versatility. Gemini’s are known for being two-faced, but that’s not always bad. The Gemini in the room is the person who can match the fun of the high-energy but can also empathize with sorrow and sadness.


Your sense of concern. Cancers are quickly enveloped in feelings and fears, so a Cancer is easy to spot. The person asking the most questions, “aww wing” the most, or saying “but how do you feel about that” is your token Cancer.


Your sincerity. Some call it stubbornness, but Virgos are incredibly transparent about themselves. You never have to ask a Virgo what their opinion is or whether or not they’re having a good time; they will show you through their words and actions right away.


Your hair. Whether it’s a stereotypical flaming red, a unique cut, or coiffed to perfection, Leos always have the most iconic hair. Deduce who is the Leo in the room by finding the person whose personality is extended into each follicle of hair.


Your outfit. As the most unique sign, Aquarius is no stranger to fast and forward fashion. You can spot an Aquarius by identifying the most detailed, outrageous, impressive, or unmatched outfit. It belongs to the individualist Aquarius.


Your voice. Sagittariuses love to make their voices heard — even if it comes at a price. Pick out the Sagittarius in the room by finding the person who is talking the loudest, expressing their opinion unapologetically, or, on occasion, unafraid to speak over others.


Your eyebrows. Libras are known to be deep feelers, and their eyebrows always give it away. You can immediately tell who in the room is a Libra — and what they’re thinking — based on the curve of their brows; if they’re in love, anxious, or mischievous.


Your shoes. Scorpios are known for their unique sense of self that manifests in their sense of style. You can always tell a Scorpio because of their iconic shoes, whether it’s their sporty sandals, edgy boots, or bedazzled pumps. They always put their best-dressed foot forward.


Tauruses can go unnoticed at first. This is because you are thoughtful, considerate, and keep to yourself. But, Tauruses are undoubtedly the sign that everyone loves getting to know. You might not get noticed right away, but you are adored when you are noticed.

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