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Covid sucks so hard. It took the Met Gala. It stole summer. And now, it’s come for Thanksgiving.

Since the CDC has recommended against traveling for Turkey Day, a large number of couples will spend Thanksgiving exclusively with one other. This is a big change for many, as the holiday is usually all about tons of family eating tons of food.

How can you make Thanksgiving fun and special when it’s for two? Try these tips.

Dress Up

It’s easy to get stuck in the pandemic pajama trap. Switch things up on Thanksgiving Day and dress up! Bust out that suit you bought back in February but never got to wear, or slip on your favorite cocktail dress and go-to heels (they’ve probably been worrying about you). Dressing up will make the day feel special and add a hint of classiness.

Set the Mood

If it’s just the two of you, why not make it a romantic event? Set the table with the nice china and a clean tablecloth. Dim the harsh overheads. Light some candles. Add fresh flowers as a centerpiece. Maybe even turn on some Kenny G in the background for ambiance.

Champagne is also a serious romance booster. Go ahead and pop that bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion or go out and splurge on a fancy vintage since you’re saving on airfare.

Play with the Menu

Most families have Thanksgiving menus that have been set in stone for generations. Take this opportunity to have some fun experimenting with new dishes. Plus, you don’t need a massive turkey or a huge pile of mashed potatoes when there are only two of you.

Instead of a turkey, try a Cornish game hen. These tiny, tasty birds are just young chickens, but they really pack a flavor punch. And their small size is perfect for an intimate dinner for two. Roast them in the oven with traditional Thanksgiving spices for a comforting yet modern dish.

You could also make chestnut stuffing or roasted root vegetables to lighten up the meal. This stuffing has homey and warming chestnuts to balance bold flavors like pancetta and chile. While cheesy casseroles and creamy potatoes are delicious, they’re unnecessarily heavy when there’s only two people. This roasted vegetable recipe brings comfort without any of the fat.

While you’re at it, why not play with a new dessert? French silk pies are decadent yet forgiving for inexperienced cooks, and pecan pies are reminiscent of fall but are still something new and exciting compared to basic pumpkin pie.

Make it an All-Day Affair

You have to stick to a tight schedule when you’re feeding a crowd. But when it’s just the two of you? You’re free to make your celebration last all day long. Spread your meal out over the afternoon so you can enjoy every dish without feeling too full. Take breaks from cooking to enjoy a socially distanced walk, go for a couple’s workout, or stuff something other than the turkey. ;)

Take your time with your celebration. While it might not be the Thanksgiving you had in mind, it can still be romantic and fun.

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