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She’s a 10, but she’s kind of ditzy and isn’t great about making choices. She’s a 3 but can always make you laugh and loves unconditionally. She’s social, witty, and fun-loving, and she’s a Libra.

Symbolized by the balancing scales, Libra is a constellation that appears at the end of September and stays until the middle of October. Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and thus are incredibly romantic. Air signs encapsulate the element’s freedom, fun, and fragility.

If you have a Libra in your life, they are probably a people-pleasing side character that loves to laugh — whether with you, at you, or to themselves. They might be a leader that values receptivity or a follower who administers balance but — regardless — they are probably someone who is constantly vying for your and others’ love and affection.

What are Libra's Strengths and Weaknesses?

Libras’ weaknesses lie in their inability to easily make decisions and refusal to believe that. Libras are known for their pursuit of justice and empathy toward all, which can frequently lead them down paths of circular conversations, internalized debates, and heated arguments. True caregivers, Libras want to do the most good for the most people — and can feel inadequate or insufficient if they don’t.

But, Libras can also be tremendously manipulative. Whether fixing up matches or maxing out friendships, they tend to play dumb, play up drama, or play games to get their goals. The Libras in your life love to spill the drama but often have an action plan to make things better afterward.

Why do Capricorns Like Libras?

Why are Scorpios attracted to them? And why are Libras and Aries seemingly always best friends? Why, in other words, are Libras the sign that every other sign (besides Virgos) gets along with? Because Libras have the unique ability to read the room and respond appropriately.

They are sweet but spunky, strong and sober yet spiteful and sassy. They will listen more than they speak and share less than they search. They want to talk about you — all day, every day, and regardless of the occasion.

Why are Libras So Hot?

Because they are mirrors that show you what you want. Why are Libras so good in bed? Because they are relentlessly romantic and daringly dreamy. Why do Libras make good partners? Because they want you to be happier than they wish themselves to be.

Why Should You Date a Libra?

Because their eyes are made of rose-colored lenses. They see the best in people when beauty is hard to behold. They will love you like the rain that pours in rom coms. Find your Libra on Iris today.

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