Dating and Relationship Advice

You spend hours, maybe even days, preparing to meet a stranger. You’re hoping that the two of you will connect—that you’ll like them, they’ll like you, and it will go somewhere. Maybe you worry about the topic of conversation, so you do some research into their background and what you have in common. After all, you’ve done this so many times before, and you really want and need it to work out for once.

Are you getting ready for a date or a job interview?

The process of finding love is pretty similar to the process of finding a new job. However, people work their butts off to advance their careers; and when it comes to love, they just stand around and expect it to come and tap them on their shoulder.

What would happen if we put the same type, and same amount, of effort into love that we do into our work?

It might be helpful to use these career advancement practices in your dating life:

Your Dating Profile = A Resume

The rules of resumes, whether spoken or unspoken, are very similar to the rules of dating profiles. Both are first impressions that can make or break an interaction before it even begins. Treat your dating profile like it’s a resume: proofread it for spelling errors or bad grammar, keep it clean and polished, add details to present your best qualities in the best light, and paint a picture as to why a prospective match should date you.

Know Your Worth

You might not be shy about asking for a promotion or taking a stand against a jerk in the next cubicle, but how often do you let a bad date string you along? Just like you would at work, know your worth when it comes to romance—and stick to it. If someone won’t or isn’t able to give you what you deserve, move on.

Dress to Impress

“Dress for the job you want” can also be “dress for the relationship you want.” This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie or a dress and heels. It means you need to dress like the best version of you, whether that’s distressed jeans and sneakers or a feminine dress and kitten heels. But, whatever you wear, please just make sure it’s clean.


When you’re looking for a new job, you go to networking events, hand out your business card, and follow up with interesting prospects. Do the same thing with love! Go out to bars, restaurants, parties with friends, or local singles events to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to exchange numbers with anyone who intrigues you, and, most of all: Follow. Up.

Don’t be the “Hey” person. Instead, send a text with a whole sentence that opens up the door for a conversation. Or—wait for it—leave a voicemail.

The Little Things

You wouldn’t walk into a meeting with a client unprepared or forget to send along that important invoice or email. It’s the details that make you a good employee, just like it’s the little things that make a relationship meaningful and memorable. Remember a birthday. Send flowers just because. Order that burrito you know they like. Ask them how their day was and really listen when they answer.

Romance and work. Honestly, not as different as you’d expect.

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