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When we initially fall for our partners, we’re struck with sexual chemistry, infatuation, and lust for everything that they are. But when a few months go by, that spark tends to fade because the little turn-ons and quirks that swept you off your feet become familiar to you.

However, just because they’re familiar doesn’t mean that they are any less grand. These are the things that make your partner special, which is why showing gratitude towards your partner and all that they are should be a priority in your relationship. Not only will it help to keep the flame burning in your sexual relationship, but it will also make your partner feel appreciated.

So let’s work on getting rid of complacency in a relationship and eliminate taking each other for granted. Here are some tips on how to show gratitude in your relationship.

Compliment Them

"Words of affirmation" is a love language for a reason. Even if you don’t consider this yours, you should at least acknowledge that everyone appreciates a compliment. Let your partner know that they look nice or that you like the meal they cooked for you. Even saying a simple “thank you” can mean the world to your lover because it shows you are paying attention to their efforts.

The compliments you give your partner should never feel forced. They should be second-nature. If you are truly grateful for their presence in your life, it shouldn’t be hard to comment on their existence.

Let Them Know When They Succeed

Everyone loves a little encouragement and the best way to get that is through celebration. As a partner, you are your person's number one cheerleader, so it’s important to let them know when they succeed.

A success doesn’t need to be something huge like passing the Bar exam (however, it could be if you’re dating a smarty-pants!). It could be something as simple as making it through the work week or hitting the gym three days in a row. Celebrating your partner’s success will motivate them to keep pushing forward, while also making them feel loved.

Talk Kindly About Them

As a partner, not only are you expected to talk kindly to your partner, you are also expected to talk kindly about your partner. And, we know this can be hard for some people who find the need to vent every time their boo doesn’t take out the trash or answer a text in a timely manner. Plus, it’s easy to get agitated sometimes and snap at your partner, as they are the ones you probably feel most comfortable showing your true colors and emotions to. But, holding your tongue and talking with kindness is vital to fostering a healthy relationship.

When you talk kindly about your partner to others, you are showing gratitude for them. And although, they may not be there to hear it, trust us, the word will get back to them. Just make sure to practice the same kindness directly towards your partner too so they can feel the love every day.

Pay Attention To The Little Things

Real-life love stories aren’t filled with dozens of roses, semi-annual exotic vacations, and explosive sex sessions on the daily. In fact, most relationships are pretty boring compared to the tales we see on the big screen. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the little magic that’s present in your relationship.

Little magic can be something as simple as the way your partner smells after they shower or how they always bring you a coffee at work on Tuesdays. Showing gratitude for the way your partner makes your life easier and better will not only help you shine light on the good, but it will also keep your relationship fresh.

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